April 18th, 2016

Han Solo (Star Wars)

star wars epidode vii: the force awakens - han and leia picspam

I couldn't resist.

I kind of wanted to avoid to make an Han/Leia Picspam about this episode because I'm still recovering but I feel like I needed to do it in order to go through my 5 stages of grief (I'm so dramatic sometimes). Here's the conclusion of one of my favorite love stories of all times and all galaxies.

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Done! Well that was painful... I mean the last scene is still too much for me to handle. Thank God there is The Empire Strikes Back and I can always go back to it ans watch all my favorite Han and Leia Moments. If you need to get your smile back on your face here you can find the previous Han and Leia picspams:

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Movie Review: The Age of Adaline (2015) aka THIS MOVIE IS A LIE!

I've just watched The Age of Adaline and I'm walking around with a huge WTF tattooed on my forehead.

I've been wanting to watch this movie for a while now. Even before my obsession with Harrison Ford took over my life, leaving me drawling on everything he touched... but I've always found a reason not to. It's like I had a bad feeling about it.

I mean, when the movie came out I was ready to beg to go watch it because the trailer was good and Blake Lively is so pretty it hurts, but life got in the way and suddenly the movie wasn't in the theaters anymore, so I decided to wait. I put it into my to watch list and - like every other movie that ends up in that list - I forgot about it! (I'm more of a TV Show kind of girl... I need to spend quality time with my characters)

Then -  a couple of months ago - I found myself sucked very deeply into the Harrison Ford fandom and I don't think I will ever get out of it... Damn it I don't even want to... It feels sooooo gooooood! I went on his IMDB page and I saw he was starring in The Age of Adaline and then the weird feeling started. Today I said fu*k it and I watched it. If you haven't watch it, and you're planning to, don't go further!

The story goes pretty much like this: Adaline can't age, she had an accident when she was a 29 widow with a 5 years old daughter, and she stopped aging. We go through her life pretty slowly, basically nothing happen for a while until Ellis (Michiel Huisman) sees her at a NYE Party and decides he needs to date her. I have to admit it was kind of creepy. I - as any girl - love to see the guy go the extra mile to get the girl, but he went way too far... like around the world and back far.

When he meets her at the party he follows her into the lift and tries to be charming. He waits for the cab with her and she says to him "Are you actually waiting here with me because you want to find out my address?" and he doesn't deny. Then he stops the taxi when she's in asking to see him again and she says thank you but no thank you. Then he shows up at the library where she works because he wants to donate money to it, but he threatens her to take back the money if she doesn't get a picture with him, when she says no, he asks for a date , and she says - guess what? - no. But the library could use the money and he's actually taking back his offer (what a douche) so she says yes. They go out on a date and he asks for another, and she says no. His answer is "If I tell you a joke and you laugh, I'll cook you dinner at my place" and she doesn't want to but he starts telling the joke and she laugh. She goes to his place (maybe the girl is ready to die after 106 years because all I could hear is SERIAL KILLER ALERT) and she probably didn't have sex in a long time so she rolls her eyes and goes with it. In the morning he doesn't want to let her go to work, she finally gets out of there and he leaves her like 10 voice mails. When she doesn't answer he shows up at her place (he asked for her address at work so he must have lied in order to get it) and she's pissed and she says to stay away from her. At this point I was like WOAH, this guy is a creep... This movie is going to turn into a psycho noir in 3...2...1... But no.

Her daughter - who is pretty old now - wants her mama to get some, so she asks her to date the guy and so - as any good mother will do for her child -  she grants her her wish and go to apologize to the creep who asks her to go spend the weekend with him at his parents house. BAM. Harrison Ford must be the father I thought... and I was right... But guess what? Harrison Ford was also the guy who almost proposed to her 40 years ago (SHOCKING!) and she was so in love with him she told him her real name and now (AWKWARD!) she's banging his son... He recognizes her and she says that Adaline was actually her mother. There are flashbacks, where we see the guy who I think should play Han Solo in the Han Solo movie, and THERE you see a healthy relationship. Harrison is not stupid and he figures it out she's not Adaline's daughter but she is her and... HE ASKS HER NOT TO RUN AWAY FROM HIS SON! I was shocked... I trowed a pillow at the TV... I mean they have this moment in the woods where he confronts her and they said to each other how much it hurt not to be together, and then he says to her not to run away from his son? Who, by the way, after a week told her he loved her and he can't live his life without her? I'm all in for romance but WOAH dude... Chill a little would you?

In the end she runs away, she has another accident that fixes her and she says everything to the creep who accepts everything because he's a psycho. The movie ends with her finding a white hair in her blonde cascade of curls so we know (even without the voiceover guy who says it anyway) she's aging now and Harrison Ford celebrates 40 years of marriage with the love of his life THIS IS A LIE the mother of his children A LIEEEEE I SAID!

I honestly thinks I should have watched this movie before my obsession, because I really didn't want her to end up with the guy. I kept thinking: If Harrison Ford can have her let her die... But you know what? I know she is banging Harrison Ford behind her boyfriend's back because that makes way more sense.

Best scene: Harrison opens a door by punching it! DAMN MAN!