May 3rd, 2016


Random Post is Random!

I don't know why I'm here in front of my computer right now but since I'm here I'm going to write something.

My fingers hurt...

Why?, you're probably wondering... Because less than 3 weeks ago I decided I wanted to learn to play the guitar. A normal person would start with an easy song, but I'm all but normal, so - as my first song - I choose Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. The chords are not that bad (I mean, I guess they're not that bad... but I don't actually know because I've never played before) but there is a fingerpicking pattern involved so, apparently this song falls into the intermediate/advanced part of the spectrum. That's reminded me when I decided I wanted to do yoga and I started trying to do a handstand... I managed to do a headstand after a couple of weeks, but that's me... Always want to be a pro from day one!

I have to say one thing about myself: I have no patience. Seriously... I don't even know how it feels to be patient for a second because I don't do it... I get to frustrated in like 0 seconds and figuratively speaking I flip tables (I almost literally flipped one once), but all said, today I managed to really play it. It's not perfect but the fingerpicking pattern and the rhythm are good so I feel very proud of myself. Still frustrated because I'm not playing it like Lindsey Buckingham but I'll eventually get there (AHAHAHAHAHA... No!)

So this is my random post... Hope you enjoied it (???)... I don't know...

P.S. Here's a funny story: I started out with my husband's guitar (he's very good at playing and he has a lot of guitars, one in each storage unit, one at home in Italy and one on the boat), but it was too big so, when we were travelling to Orlando - less than two weeks ago - he stopped for a coffee and the line was quite long. As I said I'm not patient so I went to the music store next door to check it out. Next thing I knew I was holding this baby in my hands and I was actually able to play the chords that were so difficult on the big guitar. Whe Eric went in I wanted him to talk me out of it, but my husband is hall about living a life without regrets, so I bought it and I LOVE it! While walking out he said to me "I can't believe you got a Taylor... I don't have a Taylor... That's just the best guitar ever, it's going to make you so happy..." And he was right!

EDIT: Here's me trying: Facebook post