May 14th, 2016

The Doctor (anim)

Time to say goodbye!

You knew it was coming, you knew it all along, and now the day is upon us...
It's time to take a moment and say goodbye to the shows that didn't make it to the 2016/2017 TV Season.

I'll be honest, I'm not going to miss some of the show I've lost this year, and also the networks renewed some shows I would have like to see getting cancelled, but we're not living in a perfect world so here's what I lost this year:

AGENT CARTER. (ABC - 2 seasons)
I'm going to miss this show... I can't believe Peggy and Jarvis are not going to keep me company next year, but I expected this to be the last season. Season 1 was just amazing, but season 2 was kind of less interesting... I guess (and this is quite rare for me) there was too much romance... It was like: "oh we have a show with a bad ass woman, what are we going to do with her, are we going to make her kick asses for the whole season? Yes but let's throw there some random romance because that's what women who watch shows about a woman want to see on TV" ahem... Not necessarily. The only bits I really appreciated were the Peggy/Jarvis moments. I love their friendship, one of the best bromance on TV this year! Although, one of the thing I'll miss the most is not show strictly show related... Now that Hayley and James are out of the games there're not going to be any more Agents of SHIELD/Agent Carter DubSmash wars. That's just a huge loss!

BITTEN.  (SPACE - 3 seasons)
I knew it was the final season and I only really enjoyed season 1 so I was okay with the decision from the start. Goodbye Greyston Abs... You were perfect!

CASTLE. (ABC - 8 seasons)
I would be sad about it, if not for the fact I'm still pretty mad about what ABC did to Stana. I was planning to stop watching the show after this season finale because for me there's no Castle without Beckett and now that I know it's over I'm not as sad as I should (I'm sorry Nathan, I'm going to miss you... Land another show ASAP, please). There's one thing that it's hunting me though... Since they were planning to have no Beckett next year, the show got cancelled yesterday and the finale is going to be aired on Monday evening, does it mean they're going to kill Beckett? I wanted the show to end with Beckett telling Castle she was pregnant but I guess that's going to stay just a dream...

GALAVANT. (ABC - 2 seasons)
I.AM.UPSET! I loved this show! This show was so damn good! WHY? WHYYYYY?

I kind of liked this show and it ended with a pretty big cliffhanger. I hate that to be the end of the show but I'll be abe to live without it... And by the way John Stamos can't be 52... He just can't!

I knew this was the last season but it's upsetting because it's such a great show. I love every character and the storylines are great... But I'm glad they knew from the start this was their last season so they can give us an ending... PoI cliffhanger are damn hard on the feels!

THE FAMILY. (ABC - 1 season)
Not going to miss it... I thought it would be an interesting show instead it's just creepy, I'm watching it still just because it's like a car crash... I can't look away!

UNDATEABLE. (NBC - 3 season)
I bindgewatched this show months ago and I found it very entertaining, especially the live episodes... Very refreshing and it's a pity it got cancelled!

Now I just have to wait for Limitless and Stitchers... I really want these two shows to make it!

So, which shows are you going to miss? Is your TV calendar suddenly very light or you bet on the right shows and they all got renewed? Let me know :)