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Oops... I forgot about this one. With the hubby finally at home I don't have time for anything! :D

A couple of weeks ago David Meredith contacted me on goodreads and asked me to read his book. He sent me a free copy for my kindle and all he asked in return was a review. I'm sure I'm not the only one who received this kind of request but it got me so excited... Seriously, I would have never choose to read this kind of book, but as a marketing idea it's quite a good one!

Who doesn't love freebies?

The Reflection of Queen Snow White

Originally published: 2013
Author: David Meredith
Genres: Fantasy
(reading time: Jun 2 - Jun 4)
As a kid I always wondered about what happens in the "ever after"... The story always end with the prince and the princes getting married, they kiss and than "the end". I remember asking "but what happens when their lips part?" And my mom would say "they'll kiss again, they'll be happy, they'll be crossed with each other sometimes, they will laugh and they will fight, but they will always love each other" and this is what this book is about: it's about what happens in the ever after. Life goes on, and David Meredith guides us through the journey of Snow White after she loses the Love of her life. Thanks to her evil step mother mirror (very clever idea) Snow White is able to see what she has and not only what she has lost.

A very well written story. With a lot of interesting missing scenes form the Disney Story and some parts that the Grimm's brothers would have appreciate.

Thank you David for sending me this book. I really enjoyed this tale. I've never been a huge Snow White's fan (She's not my favorite Disney Princess) but you made me like her a little bit more :)
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08 June 2016 @ 11:22 am

Yesterday I went to attend my first Crossfit class. I had a Groupon valid for: unlimited 2 weeks morning classes for 10$ so I thought to go and check it out, and OMG I am so sore today! Getting up this morning was the most difficult thing ever!
I knew it after my 75 minutes lesson I would have paid the consequences of my actions, that didn't stop me from work super hard and push until the end... I've never worked out so hard in my entire life. I'm a runner and I do yoga daily, but Crossfit broke me. I loved it, but I can't go for my second class today... If I'm lucky I might be able to go tomorrow but I won't count on it too much!

During class it rained so, when I got out there were puddles on the street and a car passed by fast and splashed me... On a normal day, I would have been so mad, but when the dirty water washed my body yesterday after the class I was so happy! I think Crossfit broke more than just my body! LOL!
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