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Okay, everyone on my F-List is talking about it.
I have a chat on WhatsApp that haven't stop receiving messages since this morning.
My Facebook feed is a long scream. Same for Twitter and Instagram (no food porn today... Just Jon Snow).
I'm not even going to mention tumblr... I've sent my day commenting and fangirling over the finale of Game of Thrones and I have nothing more to say but I'll make a post anyway because why the hell not?
So, if like me, you didn't have enough of it today, here's my opinion on the finale!

My rantCollapse )

So that's it! Hope you enjoyed the show. Its 6th season has been AWESOME and now we have to wait 9 months for more! That sucks!
What you want to see next season? What do you expect? Do you want Jon and Dany to fall in love and rule the World together? Where is Ghost?
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