July 7th, 2016

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July Ask Me Anything Meme, Day 7 (July 7th)

endeni asked: Favorite GoT character(s) and why?


THIS guy:

I feel a connection with him... He just speaks to my soul xD Look at all the fu#ks he gives... ABSOLUTELY NONE! LOL.
Thank you endeni for that (s) because if you wanted me to choose just one I would have been in trouble. My favorite (main) characters are 3: Tyrion, Arya and Jaime (I love Jon Snow too but just not as much as these three... He's close though...)

Tyrion: Loved him since the beginning. He's sharp and cynic and made of sass and, when least expected, he looks at you with these puppy eyes... As he said I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples, bastards and broken things and I feel that way too... I like him so much that I end up liking all the characters around him and, if he's part of a storyline, he makes it more interesting. Look at Dany... Her storyline before was not that interesting... For me it was too disconnected from the other ones, but now? It's great. Bronn? LOVE him because of Tyrion. Everything he touches it turns into gold to me!

Arya: I love bad ass girls and Arya is the ultimate bad ass girl! I'm just rooting for her and it would break me if she doesn't get what she wants in the end.

Jaime: I don't know how many people would put him among his top favorite but I find his character extremely interesting. He had a great development. I like him a lot when he's far away from Cersei. I think he's doomed unfortunately... I don't think he'll survive the next season, but I can't see anything good happening to him. :( I hope he'll get the chance to be reunited with Tyrion because they have such a sweet relationship...