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July 10th - What is one superpower that you've always wanted to have? In addition to that, what is the main benefit of that ability, and what is the main drawback? rogueslayer452

I would be lying if I was saying I've never thought about it... Damn it... I would be lying even if I was saying I didn't think about it at least once a month for the past 30 years. I gave it a lot of thought, and I know exactly what I would want  my super power to be: INVISIBILITY. Okay. It can sound sad, but hear me out... First, there are 2 conditions to my power:

1. I would have to be able to control it completely. Nothing random, permanent or controlled by strong emotions. I would be fully in control. Like I have an internal switch.

2. When invisible, I would be able to keep my clothes on, they would be invisible too.

The main benefits would be: I would be able to travel all over the world for free. Getting on a plane without a thicket, and go to visit all the places. I would not have to work in order to have money, because I would be able to invest what I have by simply listening to conversations (No robbing banks :) ). I would know ALL the secrets, because I'll be able to be at the right place at the right time. I would be able to observe and to prevent bad things from happening. It would give me wisdom and fill me experiences. The only drawback would be getting addicted to it, and maybe feeling like I could do more and more and more and not having enough time to do it all, because the range of what I can choose would be so wide to make me go crazy...

Any of you thought about what super power would be the best one? I would be curious to know, so please leave a comment!!!