July 14th, 2016

Real Life: Books

July Ask Me Anything Meme, Day 14 (July 14th)

My lovely RL friend Ella (I guess you like this name better, right?) aka thegrownupthing asked: What happens to your books after you read them?

I'll start by saying: I keep them ALL, I never give them away or even lend them... I'm very jealous of my books... When I read a book I create a connection with it... It's sharing its story with me, only... He becomes a friend and I would never lend a person... I don't even lend them to my husband sometimes.

As for what I do with them when I turned the last page well, I wish I could say I put them in my enormous library (The Beauty and The Beast style or like in the Citadel in GoT) but for now, my books are shattered between Italy and America. In Italy I keep them in my old bedroom (my parents kept it how I left it for my cat who, apparently, spend there the majority of her day when I'm not here) they're all well organized in shelves, and I used to reorganize them ALL THE TIME! In the US they are I feel sad just thinking about it in my Storage Unit. I have tubs and tubs full of them and they're just waiting for me to move into an apartment and to be organized in shelves... That day it's close! I can't wait... It saddens me to think about them in that dark space!

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