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I'm alive!

Sorry I've been MIA for the last couple of days but I had some friends over and I was extremely busy. I'll do a post later (or in the next couple of days) with some photos, but for now I still am on a rush!

So on July 20th orangerful asked 3 random things about Italy or Italians we should all know!

1. Since you asked this question to me you know what's going to be the main focus of this answer: COFFEE... Here are the basic rules: a) an espresso is NEVER more than 25/30 ml. b) if you ask for a Latte in a coffee shop in Italy they'll give you milk c) Cappuccino is socially acceptable ONLY at breakfast, but you can ask for a macchiato: an espresso with a little bit of milk foam... a mini cappuccino basically xD
2. FOOD: a) Garlic Bread, Spaghetti and Meat Ball and Alfredo Sauce are not Italian: we eat plain bread during a meal (no butter oil or vinegar with it), Spaghetti and Meatball go basically always separate (different meals or different plates) and Alfredo for us is just a name :D b) When you make pasta you add salt to the boiling water before putting the pasta in and NOT OLIVE OIL (that prevents the sauce to mix with the pasta and it's just plain sad)
3. THE BIDET is the best thing in the world. To answer some of the questions I've been asked about it: Yes, every Italian has it, no, it's not a little tub for babies, yes, we still use toiler paper before it. In America I actually take a shower every time I do number 2. We're very protective of our ceramic friend!

BONUS: Italians are not patriotic... We HATE and LOVE Italy equally. For every thing we love we have one we hate and viceversa.

Also you should watch this hilarious video about Italians VS Europeans, quite accurate xD:

And on July 21st rogueslayer452 asked If you could use the technology seen on Stitchers, would you be one of the engineer team members or could you handle the emotional and psychological aspects of being someone like Kirsten of stitching into the memories of the deceased?
Since my background I would have to say I'd be the one who uses the tech, but I think I'd be good at what Kirsten does, I have a photographic memory and I'm very good at solving mysteries. I can also be extremely cold and I - sadly - don't have a lot of compassion for people I don't know... I always feel like I should be more touched by what happens in other people lives, but often I'm not... I can't control that. :(

I should be able to answer tomorrow's question on time! Now I have to run back to other things I didn't take care of in the past couple of days... I hope knowing you guys were high in my list of To Do Things make you proud! :D
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