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Today I wasn't suppose to be in a rush but I am. I really can't wait for a day when I can actually stop. I commented on posts from my phone every time I could break away for a second, so I'm sorry if some of them are full of grammar horrors!

Today question is brought to us by rogueslayer452 What is one fandom that you would love to see a revival for?

I'm the kind of person who complains about all these revivals and movies/shows coming out form book adaptations... I feel like we're in need of fresh stuff... but, for tv networks and production labels, is definitely easier to make money from something that already has a fan base. Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely excited when I hear some of the shows/movies I loved are coming back... You should have see me reacting to the news they were doing an Episode VII of Star Wars! I will definitely watch Gilmore Girls because: HELL YEAH!, I jumped into the X-Files like there was no other choice, when I saw the Scofield brothers reunited in Flash and in Legends of Tomorrow I got all nostalgic and than BAM Prison Break: the sequel...

I get very excited because I'm human... but I'm always also very scared when I read/hear something is coming back, so I don't know which show I loved I would like to have back and risk the possibility it would get ruined... If I was absolutely certain there was NO chance to screw it up, I would like to have a revival of Firefly (NOT on Fox) with ALL the original cast, Wash included (maybe they cloned him, he has a twin brother? I don't know but Alan Tudyk HAS to be part of it!

A couple of years ago I would have said I would have loved another season of Friends, because I miss them so much... But the actors keep guest starring in each others shows so I'm okay with it! :) I can't wait to see which one of them will appear on Matt LeBlanc's new comedy!!! :)

Oh and if I could have just one episode of a HIMYM revival, where they erase everything that happened in the season finale I would pay out of my pocket...
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26 July 2016 @ 08:52 pm
As I said a couple of posts ago, I've been missing in action here on LJ for a couple of days because I had some friends over. They all have been to Genova years ago, and for specific events, so they didn't have time to go around and see places. That was kind of challenging for me, because I had to come up with a plan in order to show them something cool in the brief time we had. They also stayed at my place, and it was the first time I had host in my place here in Italy, and that was another challenge, because I like everything tidy and it's impossible to keep up with the house while you have guests.

I loved having them here for once, and one of them managed to met Eric. Mark arrived a couple of days before Valex and BhMh and Eric had these 2 evening off, but the boss had a trip planned for the weekend so, Valex and BhMh, got to see him from the yacht, waving us all goodbye while he was leaving port. That was very sweet of him since I know he stress a lot about following the rules, written and unwritten, and I think that waving the wife and her friends goodbye from the upper deck while the owner is just below him, is not something he would have done just because... That made me very proud and I felt even more special then I usually feel (and he makes me feel plenty special).

I decided to show them Portofino (where the yacht was headed as well) because it's just so beautiful and the ferry ride is gorgeous. The day was lovely and - on land - I even met 2 of my ex crew mates who asked me help to get something for the owner (not the first time this month I have to help someone from the boat). One of them told me right away he misses my face a lot and I know what he meant... I miss these boys so much, but keep working there wasn't an option anymore (but I'll explain better in one of my next posts... this is a happy place).

Here some of the photos I took that day.
Portofino 2016Collapse )
It's insane how, when I show these places to people that didn't grew up around there, I feel like I'm seeing them for the first time too. I hate thinking that was a time I took them for granted. Travelling didn't just make me fall in love with new, different places, but it made me redescover the love of my land.

I don't want to talk about what's going on in Europe and the whole World right now... It's too painful and enraging and I can't do it... but I just want to say this one thing: We can't stop seeing the World because of fear. I'll never stop going where I feel like going. I'll never stop visiting new places and go back to old ones. I'll keep learning and I'll keep falling in love with what I see. That's the only way I know. That's the only way I can live.
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