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July 29th - What are your thoughts on remakes/reboots? What are some key factors into making a successful and respectful remake? rogueslayer452

As I accidentally mentioned the other day, I 'm not a big fan of remakes/reboots. I mean, am I going to watch a remake/reboot of a show I was use to watch? Hell yes, but before watching it you'll see me go through the stages of grief:

1. Denial: Oh no no no, it can't be happening. That was such a great show... they can't...

2. Anger: NO! They're totally going to ruin it. The ending wasn't that bad (the ending is 95% of the times bad IMHO... I'm extremely rarely happy with the ending of a show today because the creators go for the OMG factor, to surprise thr fan... I'm looking at you How I Met Your Mother with your STUPID ending I'll NEVER forgive you Craig Thomas and Carter Bays) and now they're going to make a mess of it. Damn it! I'm NOT going to watch it.

3. Bargaining: Oh... Look... The original cast is all there... They're so pretty... I can watch just one episode... I mean... They're not going to mess it all up right from the start, right? Maybe just a couple...

4. Depression: It was such a good show. Why do I want to do that to myself? The crazy amount of feels the first run gave me wasn't enough? All the tears... all the flipped tables... all these sleepless night because it Italy we're 6 hours ahead,... WHY?? *ugly sobbing*

5. Acceptance: You know what? I'm going to watch it. I'm probably going to hate every minute of it but damn it it's good to see these faces again!

I think networks should stop thinking about making money right away on something they know will sell because it already has a fanbase, and start concentrating again on original contents, creating new fandoms. 75% of the time a new show is out you hear the magic words: "Show XYZ based on the national best seller ZYX" now they're even doing shows based on movies like Minority Report and Limitless,... Were they good shows? Limitless definitely was, and it should have been renewed, but that's not the point...

To finish answering your question: the key factor to a successful and respectful remake is thinking about what else the show and its story could give to its fans... What is left to say... and work from there, instead of thinking about how much more money a new character, for instance, would bring in terms of franchising.
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