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July 30th - In your opinion, what is an annoying trend in fandom that needs to stop? rogueslayer452

I'm not sure how to answer to this question. Like, do you mean a trend in a fandom of my choice that I think it needs to stop or just in general... If you mean in general then I'd say: People need to stop getting offended by anything and being rude. This is why I'm still here on LJ and I didn't jumped into tumblr (I have an account, but I rarely use it) there people are just too crazy sometimes... I only read nasty comments and people act like spoiled brat... They don't want to hear you if you don't agree with them. Here on LJ people have conversations, and even if 2 people don't agree on something, both of them get out of the conversation (not argument) with more informations and a clearer idea of the point of view of the other person.

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