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Last day of the month and last question. I want to thank you all for your wonderful questions and I'm looking forward to do this again! I had wonderful comments to my answers that led me to know you all better and I'm very glad, so Thank you again, guys! I hope you enjoyed it too! Here the question of the day... one of my favorite!

What are your favorite kind of tropes in fiction? What are some tropes that you dislike? What tropes do you think we need more of? rogueslayer452

I don't think there is a favorite trope I am attracted to, I definitely have a couple of littarature generes I tend to go to, but I'm fine with a trope as long as it surprises me and it doesn't became a cliché. I tend to read a lot of Historical Fiction, Sci Fi Novels, Romantic Novels (non cheesy) and Classics. I sometimes go to Fantasy but just if it's for Adults... and I might try Contemporary Novels occasionally, but it's rare for me to get swept into it. I might do it if I know the author and I already like the way he/she writes. Basically if something is well written and I trust the author I'm able to enjoy andy kind of trope. Said so there are some tropes that are strictly connected with a genere and I would never get close to them, not even if the book is for free...

I have a very bad relationship with young adult books... I always had problems with it even as a teen, and in Young Adult (and also in Romantic Fiction) the tropers thet are too often used and abused, and I don't like at all are:
- The first time you fall in love you are 16-ish and he/she is THE ONE and you're going to be together forever. BORING. I get instant attraction, but instant Love is just annoying. I like my OTP to get to know each other and get there in a reasonable amount of time. I'm a sucker for romance, but the real kind of romance.
- The Love Triangle where 99% of the times there are two boys fighting for a girl. The two boys are either very close or nemesis. Why can't we have two girls and a boy? Anyway love triangles are just an excuse to make the story move forward slowly. The only book I've read with a very good love triangle was The Fortune Hunter with a man torn between two women, and I enjoyed it quite a lot! So maybe the reverse triangle would be an interesting trope for me...
- The Damned/Forbidden Love between a Human and a Supernatural Creature. With all that Emo drama... And the girl is always super gorgeous and clumsy and no one notice her but THE ONE. So unrealistic...
So basically Twilight is the worst book ever for me LOL! Followed by 50 Shades of Gray (that, after all was a Twilight AU FanFiction).
A trope I like in Romantic Fiction (or any other kind of fiction) is when the soon-to-be OTP fight a lot, and there's a lot of chemistry and UST... Like Elizabeth and Darcy in Pride and Prejudice... Such a great book...

Sci-Fi Novels have some tropes I tend to roll my eyes but I don't dislike as much as the ones I just mentioned.
- Space Travel and Time Travel. Love it... The only thing I don't like is the immediate future is creepy because we're all the same (we dress the same, we have the same cars/ships, we're all pale,...) and the far away future is creepier because we're back to cave men/women dressed with animal skins etc. Technology is gone and we don't know how to get it back... It seems like the only thing smart we had was our phone and without it we're not able to do anything but go back to prehistorical times.
- The Aliens are always smarter than us and they want to kill us all. That I don't like. Why do they want to kill us and why do they want to study us? If I was able to travel to other planets would be for knowledge, just the same thing I do when I travel to another State... Just to take a look and learn new things... It's not like I want to go visit Canada to make experiments on Canadians to find out why they are so polite. And I don't want to visit Japan to just kill the entire population just because... That's probably why I like Star Wars Novels and Doctor Who Novels where Space and Time travel is used in a different way. The Doctor travels like he's on vacation and the Star Wars Characters interact with other species in a natural way.

One thing I don't like that you can find way too often in action books is the extremely smart dialogue in dangerous situation. They're shooting at you and your friends and you come out with a very smart joke to say and your pal answer you with the same level of wittiness... That's not realistic and annoying...

So basically the only tropes I like and I want more is the kind that can still surprise me. I like to be put in a situation where I think I know how it's going to go but then I find out I'm so wrong... But at the end of the day I'd read anything if well written... xD
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