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14 September 2016 @ 06:44 am
I'm about to board another plane and fly over seas... First stop will be Paris where I'm going to hang out for 5 hours... Then Miami, where I'll get an Uber (oh I missed you Uber) to Fort Lauderdale... I'll be there just in time to settle down and watch Suits mid season finale WOOOOO! XD

I feel very nervous for some reasons... I have everything with me but I have the usual annoying feeling I've left something behind... Maybe I left the gas on... No I'm sure I didn't... Am I? Okay enough XD

Anyway Eric will join me in less than 2 weeks so, if I'm missing something important, he can bring it over...

Things I'm happy to be reunited with:
1. I'll be reunited with my Mac and I'll be able to work on my Harvey/Donna music video!
2. Tokio Sushi... I've missed that restaurant so much!
3. Stores open all day long!
4. The positivity
5. My bicycle

Things I'm going to miss (even if for just a month)
1. Mom and dad and the whole family
2. My friends
3. Focaccia (a Genovese kind of bread)
4. My Vespa and my Smart Car and being able to drive around
5. My apartment
6. All the things that make me feel home and calm

Funny thing I'll be in the US just in time for the tv season to start... LOL that's timing XD

Have a great day and sorry for the randomness XD

Current Location: Genova Airport
Current Mood: nervousnervous
Current Music: Lindsey Stirling - Crystallize