September 23rd, 2016

David Tennant (Photoshoot)

flist friday

It's Friday! And it means I can ask you guys a question!
I didn't know this before last Friday but hanorganaas made an entry last week (HERE) where she said she saw this FLIST Friday around and I want to try it!

First because you are asking me amazing questions for my October Meme (please don't stop keep asking. I'm loving it!) and I want to repay you, second because it's a nice thing to do weekly!

So the rule is one and it's simple. Each week I'll try to post a question, you can answer in the comments, and we can have a nice chat! How does it sound?

Yesterday Pottermore launched a new feature so that now we can find out about our Patronus!
What's yours Patronus? Are you happy with it? Why?
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