October 1st, 2016

Ship: Harvey/Donna (Suits)

ask me anything meme - day 01 (oct 1st)

Happy October, FList!

I hope the first thing you guys said this morning was BAD RABBIT.
No, I'm not crazy. There's this British guy, Nick, that comes often on the yacht to do some repairs on the marble (so many damages, so much money) and once he asked, while were working in the same space, if that morning I said "Bad Rabbit" I laughed and I said "No, I said COFFEEEEEE, PLEASEEEEE, like every morning, why?" and he told me in Britain they have this thing, that if you say Bad Rabbit as the first thing the first day of the month, you're going to have a wonderful month! Well, when I woke up this morning I asked for coffee, so my October won't be brilliant, but still my day started right, with the most important thing: a nice warm cappuccino!

Before I start answering your lovely questions, I know there are some brits here among my lovely friends, and I'd like to know if Nick was just making fun of me, and now, at the beginning of every month he laughs thinking about me yelling Bad Rabbit, or you guys know about this thing too...

ragnarok_08 & panda asked a very similar question:
What's your favorite thing about autumn? & What do you like about fall/autumn?

I like fall a lot, I like every seasons to be honest, because when you live in Florida, it's a never ending summer... That's nice, don't get me wrong... I don't have to have too many clothes, coats are expensive so I save money, and I can get out in the evening with just one layer or 2 on. But Oh I miss the seasons!

When I'm in Italy in the fall I LOVE to cuddle up with a book and a blanket and drink hot chocolate (that I made myself because I like it extra thick) that's maybe the best thing for me. It's chilly but not cold and I can keep the window open, and everything smells like chestnuts and spices... The colors are so vivid! I like rainy days in the fall, because the colors are just so full, especially in the evening when the lights hit the dead leaves... SO MUCH COLOR! To me Fall means Evolving and make the best out of what you have! It's like the adult among the seasons and it makes me feel wise!

What matters most to you and why? topum
My family. Knowing that my family is okay, healthy and happy is all that matters to me! I can't think about the fact one day I will have to survive my parents and my husband. It makes me want to cry, so the thing that matters the most is to keep them healthy and happy. My husband is vegetarian and this is a good thing because americans eat too much meat and that can cause problems. I'm not a vegetarian but I basically act like one because I never cook meat and I tend not to eat meat or fish at restaurants unless I know I can trust the chef. So I know he'll be fine for a long time, I cannot think about living a life without him. We always say that when the time comes we're going to go jump in a volcano LOL!