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03 October 2016 @ 02:25 pm
Third day of the Ask Me Anything Meme!

The question of the day is: What is your favourite flower and why? monkiainen

I had to think a bit about it because there are a lot of flowers that I like, but then I had to go back to the the first that came to mind! The Sunflower!
I just like the fact it looks like the Sun and it constanly searches for it. It's like a love story!!! That doesn't sound like a healthy love story though... you're copying your loved one and keep looking for them... nope definitely unhealthy XD but I like the flower anyway!
Also, Van Gogh is my favorite painter and he painted a lot of sunflowers, so... :D

Sunflowers are also known for their symmetry based on Fibonacci numbers and that's just awesome!!!

Eric and I are traveling north. We left this morning the apartment in Fort Lauderdale, FL and we're now driving up to York, PA where we're going to be for 2 weeks before leaving for Italy again! We are about to cross the border and enter Georgia... Florida stretches quite a lot!

We're going to stop somewhere on the road and break the trip in 2 parts since Eric is doing all the driving... I only drive in Italy XD

For those who don't know I can't drive in America because the streets are too wide... it scares me! I need to get a Florida driving licence so that I have a document with my married name on it that is not my green card or credit card... but I just can't... it goes again against all I know... taking the test, driving in a parking lot with a car with no stick seems like a crime! So I'm postponing and I have to let Eric sit behind the wheel...
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