October 7th, 2016

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flist friday

Hi Flist!
I hope your Friday is coming to an end and that the weekend ahead of you is going to be full of fun and amazing things!

Eric and I (but mostly Eric) are going to have a pretty busy one! He's been organizing this huge party, that is most a 2 days event, where he's bringing together all of his friends to celabrate - what he calls - FIFTY FEST! He and all his friends are turning/have turned 50 this year, and a year ago he decided to create an event to celebrate Life! There is goint ot be live music (played by 6 different bands... all his friends) food n booze, a constume parade of bands from the 80es, and a lot of laughters! I'll make a post about this next week.

This brings me to my question:

To you, what's the best TV Friendship of all time?
(You can write a top 3 if you feel like it!)
To me the answer can only be one:
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What do you think... What is/was the best friendship on TV? I can't wait to read your comments!
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ask me anything meme - day 07 (oct 7th)

What is your favourite thing about your husband? verdande_mi

The way he looks at the World! His kindness and his MASSIVE heart!
I'm not saying this because I adore him, but because he genuinely is a fantastic human being! He sees the World with the wonder of a child and he always see the good in people and things. I never thought people like him existed!

Occasionally can be a little bitch and that's even more entertaining... when you hear someone so nice and kind saying something completely naughty is the funniest thing!

He is creative and he doesn't care about what other people think. He's so generous... He helped a guy who won the Green Card Lottery get his family to America. This guy was working 2 jobs and trying to support his wife and kids back home. This guy ended up working for Eric in a construction project while he was working with his brother in Long Island, and one day he asked him a question. Eric didn't know the answer but he went looking for it and he made David's dream come true. He used his money, his resources, he gave the guy a home and helped him being reunited with his family and never asked anything in return! This is just one of the many things he did and it's not even in the top 10 list of things I love about him!

He's just amazing!