October 13th, 2016

Community: Abed

ask me anything meme - day 13

First THANK YOU for your lovely comments to my rant yesterday! I really appreciate and you made me feel so much better about it! THANK YOU!

Yesterday we went to Andy for sushi night and it was SO AWESOME! We had wine on the porch while the dogs were running around, we made our own rolls and the soup Hillary made was SO GOOD! We then moved into the living room and played guitars and sang! It was so perfect... Then Hillary put in front of us freshly baked chocolate chip cookies... right out of the oven... I need a new word to describe how awesome last evening was! Andy wants Eric and I to move to York and I am quite close to say yes to it!

How do you react to beggars? Have you ever been approached by a beggar & felt threatened or in danger? Have you ever picked up a hitch hiker? Given money or bought food for someone like that? cherrytattoo77

It depends... In Florida there are some pretty crazy people around... If a beggar is drunk I change my path... I don't want to deal with that... There is no way an encounter of that kind can end up with something good for either of us... I've been approached more than once with comments of sexual nature, but again, by drunk baggers, and I felt in danger but I know I can run pretty fast, so I've never felt like my life was threaten... I'm more scared about people with guns than people I can run away from... And it's not like I go in dark alleys at night... I've never picked up a hitchhiker because in Italy is illegal, and I don't drive in the US. I gave money to beggars in more than an occasion, but just to people that are sitting on the side of the street... If they're too insistent and they came to me while I'm eating or while I'm walking or while I'm paying for parking, I don't react well, but I don't deal well when people enter in my personal space... I feel cornered and I get out of there... I once gave food to one guy and he said no, he wanted money instead and that made me sad because I know the money were for alcohol... So I always look at that person before making the decision to give them money... I rather gave them food if they're asking for it... I know they have places where to go and if we give them money we're not doing actually any good and we're keeping them on the streets where they're not protected and these money go to unhealthy things that they can't get form the shelters!

Would you rather lose an arm or an leg? monkiainen

A leg. It would be crazy difficult to live a life where you can't walk and move but I can't imagine a life where I'm not able to open a jar or do all the things we do daily... It would be impossible... I often need 3 arms so it would be too hard for me to give up one arm!