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14 October 2016 @ 01:27 pm
It's almost time for Eric and I to leave the States.

We're going to fly out of Miami on Monday evening but, before that, we have like a 21 hours drive... I'm quite nervois because I'm not sure how we're going to make it. Eric wants to leave tomorrow morning at 6 am and he wants to get to St Simons Island to spend a day with his brother and help him a little bit with the damages Hurricane Matthews did to their property that, luckily, were minor... it's just a matter to clean up the yard and some other little things! So we're going to spend sunday on the island and leave on monday morning super early to get to Miami that is like a 7 hours drive (so Eric wants to drive for 14 hours on the first part of our trip... Nonsense!) but we have to stop to Fort Lauderdale to drop off a lot of stuff to our Storage Unit... I'm quite nervous about it even if our flight is at 8 pm... I know we're going to make it but I don't know how smoothly is going to go! I would leave tonight and drive for like 4 hours but his mother is... well... Don't let me start again on the matter!

So - since I'm updating my infos on the KML website - the question for this FList Friday is:

Do you like to fly or you're scared of planes?
How do you feel prior to a flight? Do you get anxious or you feel pretty relaxed?
How do you get ready for your flight? How long before the time/day of departure you start to get ready?
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I'm looking forward your answers! Have a GREAT Friday!
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It's finally time for me to post some of the awesome pictures I took at the party last weekend!

To give you a little bit of a backgrownd informations about what the party was for, I will start by saying that Eric has been working on this for almost a year! He had this idea about getting all his friends, from different parts of his life, together in one place, to celebrate the fact they were all turning 50. The event was splitted in two evenings.

The first one was at Victor's, this awesome pub that ages ago was a church... The place is awesome and the food is super good! We had dinner there and then Tom, Dick and Howie played their guitars for the rest of the evening. Tom is the guy who married Eric and I, and Howard and David (Dick) are two of Eric's closest friends, thet met in Tampa in the 80es when Howard invited Eric to spend some time with he and his flatmates down there. Eric quit his job and started a new chapter of his life there and they became very close friends! Their playlist was 95% Grateful Dead and 5% Hits from the 80es! They were amazing! They haven't played together for a while since Tom (the Rev) lives in North Carolina and Howard and David are here in Pennsylvania but they live quite far from eachother...

It wasn't easy to take pictures in that space unfortunately so I don't have a lot of good shoots about that evening:Pics from the First EveningCollapse )

The second evening was at the Studio, this big space Eric rented from 3 pm to midnight. 5 bands were playing that evening! All of them are Eric's friends and most of them didin't knew each other... the evening was such a success. At some point the band mixed up, and they all played together and created great music! That was fantastic!


It was so much fun! And Eric (and all his friends) had the time of his life! He worked so hard on this project and I couldn't be happier about the result! He's going to remember this evening forever!!!

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