October 28th, 2016

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flist friday: nicknames

Happy Friday!

I hope you guys are having a good one and that the waether will cooperate with whatever you want to do over the weekend! Here it's suppose to be cold but sunny so I hope I'll be able to spend a nice Sunday with Eric on the Vespa, going to visit our favorite spots before he leaves. He's going to be on Watch* on Saturday so I'll drop him off on Saturday morning at 7.29 and I'll be able to pick him up on Sunday at 7.31.

*Watch: On Yachts there always have to be someone on board when in Port, so there is a rooster in place where every day one member of every department (Interior Stewart/Stewardess, Deckhand and Engineer) has to stay on board on call for 24 hours. These 3 crew members can't leave the boat and have to take care of some tasks, like rounds and complete checklists.

The question I want to ask you today is from one of the Memes I did a while ago, so for some of you I might already know the answer (but I probably forgot because I'm so bad a remembering these kind of things) but please feel free to repeat if you feel to:

.What's the story behind your nick name?
.Do you have the same nickname everywhere or you have different ones? In that case What's your favorite?
.Was your nickname here on LJ your one and only choice or you had some other ones in mind? What made you choose this one, in that case?

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What about you?
David Tennant (Photoshoot)

ask me anything meme - day 28

You're suddenly famous! What for How does being a celebrity effect your life do you stay true to yourself or do you become a total diva! tigtogiba34

I don't have to think about the answer because I know ;D. I would stay true to myself and I'd be nice.

I'd be polite to my fans and to the press (even when they make it difficult, because I made a choice, I decided to make my life public, and  - like in every situation - there are some pros and cons.

I'd sing all the autographs and I'd be always ready for a selfie. I would be very similar to David Tennant on the matter. I would keep my personal life personal, and stay away from useless gossip, but I would be on socials at the same time (because that's who I am, I like my socials) but I'd prefer quality over quantity.

I would go to ComiCon and go nuts... I would always be there for my fans because and - since I love TV shows - I would be totally invested into my show (I'm assuming I'd be an actress here).