December 1st, 2016

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book reviews: books read in november

I'm in such a rush and I'm so tired... I really need to sleep! But I'm happy because I am busy and I like busy! I'll make a life update as soon as I have a day off, so probably Monday... I haven't stop working since I started LOL, and I'm not complaining because I'm having fun! :D Anyway! I wanted to finish Lord of the Flies this week, but I didn't have the time! I'm enjoying it since it's the first time I read it in english! But I am satisfied because I read 3 books this month! I won my goodreads challenge months ago and changed it from 30 to 36 and I'm about to win this one too!

Here's what I've read this month:

A Man Called Ove
Originally published: 2012
Author: Fredrik Backman
Genre: Novel
(reading time Oct 20 - Nov 18)
It took me a long time to read this book, but that doesn't mean it was a bad book... it was the opposite! It made me laugh out loud while my husband - in bed next to me - was trying to sleep. And it made me cry to the point I wasn't able to see the words on the pages.
It is a very good story. All the characters are very likable and easy to relate to. We all have someone like them in our lives! We all met an Ove along our way, he's hiding under a lot of grumpiness probably, but is up to us to stop and look underneath that...
It worths taking the time to get to know someone and to look underneath all the layers. You'll never know what you'll find... that's one of the teaching of this book... not to stop and judge someone by one action, one moment, one behavior,...
Ove's story is beautiful. He's a wonderful man and it's quite easy to learn how to love him, the only way to do it is not to stop at the first page... keep reading!

Whispers Beyond the Veil
(A Change of Fortune Mystery #1)

Originally published: August 9, 2016
Author: Jessica Estevao
Genre: Fiction / Fantasy
(reading time: Nov 18- Nov 22)
I love historical fiction, and I love mysteries and a good female heroine! This book has it all! I really enjoyed the characters and the story was well narrated! I was glad to see the author didn't use just Ruby's point of view.
I'm definitely going to put my hands on the next book of the series as soon as it comes out! There are a lot of stories to be told and a lot of characters to discover.
I'm not going to lie, I'm very interested in the romance too! I wish we had a date for the release of the next one!

Our Red Hot Romance Is Leaving Me Blue
Originally published: August 9, 2016
Originally published: June 15, 2010
Author: Dixie Cash
(reading time: Nov 22- Nov 27)
As the cover says this is a very easy read and the dialogues are good... it flows right. I'm not a huge fan of the genere but I wanted to try... the unfortunate thing about this book is that we(the readers) find out everything right away. The book is not boring but there are so many unnecessary parts that if they weren't there the book would be around 100 pages long if not less!
I appreciate the fact that this is book number 6 in the series, but it can be easily read as a standalone, because we get all the informations we need about the 2 main characters.
I don't think I'm going to read any other book connected to this series even if I enjoyed the way it was written.

TOTAL of BOOKS READ 2016: 35 / nov: 3
TOTAL of PAGES READ 2016: 11818 / nov: 1011