October 10th, 2018

The Doctor (anim)

Reviews: 11x01 The Woman Who Fell On Earth [Doctor Who]

I’ve been wanting to write a post about the Doctor Who season premiere since the last scene faded into black.

As you might remember, I was not very thrilled about the choice. Well not for the choice itself - even if I didn’t really liked Jodie too much in Broadchurch - but because of the reaction of the fandom to the news of a female Doctor. Some screamed bloody murder, saying that they were done with the show, and some went the opposite way saying that it was something that made history... ahem... it’s a show... a Female President would have made history...

I felt like these people were implying that Doctor Who was a misogynist/sexist show before, when it has never been the case imho...

But I was excited... because a young female Doctor seemed the only possible direction to take... Doctor who evolved into a very dark show somehow... we needed something fresh, a Doctor that can smile and be happy... a positive spin! And Jodie is the right face for it!

[THIS article says it better that I could ever say it]

After 10 minutes of her appearing into my screen I knew SHE WAS THE DOCTOR! She is perfect for the role... I really like her energy and I didn’t feel like she was over acting like she did (imho) in Broadchurch!

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Overall I am pretty happy with everything. Really enjoyed the writing. Some quotes were surprisingly good! I am finally excited again about the show... I was not a Moffat’s Fan... I really disliked his attitude in general and I think he was more interested to show how brilliant he was than write a good show! I can’t wait for next week! Welcome back Doctor!