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Few days ago I finished another TVShow: What I Like About You, with Jennie Garth( a.k.a. Kelly Taylor) and Amanda Bynes.
I had seen years ago few episodes on Rai 2 and the dubbling was horrible (as always) in english is totally another thing!
I lolled when I saw the episodes with Luke Perry, the FlashBack part was awesome: back to the high school with the BH90210 theme, and in the season 4 another cameo: Jason Priestley who was a crazy boy in love with Val! Awesome! ^____^
Btw I loved the last season (the 4th) because of Vic/Valery they were so cute togheter and the storyline was so funny.

She gets drunk in the season 3 finale and she wake up married with Luke Perry (yay again XD) at the beginning of season 4 she wake up again, the wedding was a dream... BUT few seconds later Vic comes out of the bathroom and gives her the ring back, so, basically, he doesn't want the divorce so they live togheter (Val is not so happy about that) cos he knows that she's the right woman for him (btw, they worked togheter in the 1st season, they have a past, they aren't strangers) some angst moments and at the thanksgiving they kiss and he decides to do all right, the court the dates ecc., some angst moments again (he's a fireman, has an accident, and then they found out that they aren't married cos the priest was fake) but at the end they have a BIG happy ending.

All this talk for this:

Untitled-1-2.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album

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I really want to talk about the last episode of How I Met Your Mother cos was AWE-wait for it-SOME! I'll do that in another post cos [info]mrbartleboom has to see it!! ;)
Tags: fanart: wallpapers, ship: vic/val, tv show: what i like about you
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