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Memes and Stuff!

I watched House... I didn't like the episode so much! As always something missing! In this episode there are Cameron and the others but it's not enough, I want to see the old team again with House... I don't hate 13, Kutner or Taub... but the show was so perfect before and now the cases sucks the storyline sucks everything sucks!
So... for cheer me up I took those memes from rps_lizardspock waiting for the next chapter of her Barney/Robin fanfic ;)

1. Which bands/artist do you own the most albums by?
Let me see... wait a minute... originals originals... yes MUSE and ehm...Gosh this si embarrassing... BackStreet Boys, don' judge me... I was a teenager! And I love angsty song! And not original I really don't know... I have lots of discograpy (taken for only one song)!

2. What was the last song you listened to?
I'm just listening Hayley Taylor - No More Wishing. It's from the 12th episode of the season 4 of How I Met Your Mother... It's a sweet sweet song!

3. What's in your CD player right now?
Hullabaloo - Muse, cos I was testing the new stero and matt's voice is always the perfect choice

4. What was the last show you attended?
Ligabue 12/21/2007 DatchForum Assago

5. What was the greatest show you've ever been to?
Probably Vasco Rossi - Basta Poco...

6. What's the worst show you've ever been to?

7. What's the most musically involved you have ever been?
A musical at school.

8. What show are you looking forward to?
Always Muse!

10. What is your favorite band shirt?
Erm, probably my Vasco Rossi shirt. I use that shirt even for go to sleep.

11. What musician would you like to hang out with for a day?
Matthew Bellamy and Josh Groban

12. Who is one musician or group you wish would make a comeback?
No idea!

13. Who is one band/artist you've never seen live but always wanted to?
Oh so many... Josh Groban, Muse, Coldplay, Evanescence, Trading Yesterday...

14. Name four or more flawless albums:
+ Muse - Showbiz
+ Josh groban - Awake
+ Trading Yesterday- More Than This
+ Lifehouse - Who We Are

15. How many music related videos/DVDs do you own?

16. How many concerts/shows have you been to, total?


17. Who have you seen the most live?

18. What is your favorite movie soundtrack?
You want me to choose? Let's go with Moulin Rouge.

19. What was your last musical "phase" before you wisened up?
I don't think I went through a "phase" and then wisened up. I really like "angst" stuff, but I listen everything

20. What's your "guilty pleasure" that you hate to admit to liking?

Backstreet Boys.

1. When did you start watching?

‎Saturday ‎16 june ‎2007

1a. Why?
I started because of David... lol... this is the story:
I was in gym and I heard a remix of a beautiful song so, at home, I try to find the song on youtube and i found a fanvid about Ten and Rose and I literally fell in love with the show. The thing is that I started with "New Earth" XD and after the season 2 I watched the season 1.

2. What was your first episode?
As I said, 2x01 New Earth.

3. Which episodes have you seen?
All of New Who, some episodes from the Classic series and the movie.

3a. Favourite?
I can't chose one episode! It's cruel! I loved every episode.

4. Are your friends/family interested in the show?
I knew so many cute guys and girls because of DW! And this is one of the reasons because I love this fandom so much! In my family none watch it.

5. Which Doctor is your favourite?
Does it need saying? TEN!

6. Which Doctor is your least favourite?
For what I saw maybe Eight... but just because I hated the movie!

7. Which TV companion is your favourite?
Again does it need saying? ... oh... wait a minute I love Rose but I also love Donna! Oh God I can't chose XD

8. Which TV companion is your least favourite?
I used to dislike Sarah Jane but now I dunno!

9. Do you listen to the Big Finish audios?

9a. If so, which is your favourite?

9b. Also: which Big Finish companion is your favourite?

10. Have you listened to any non-Big Finish audios?
Yep. Some audiobooks.

11. Have you read any of the novels or short stories?
Yep. Books and Storybooks!

11a. Have you written any of the novels or short stories?

11b. Which is your favourite?

12. Have you read any of the comics?
Yep... The Forgotten!

13. Do you watch any of the spinoffs (e.g. Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures)?

13a. Which is your favourite?

14. Is there any particular episode/book/audio/comic you desperately want to watch/listen to/read?
Now I want to read The Doctor Trap... I ordered it on play last week and I can't wait.


1. Do you write fanfic for Doctor Who?

1a. If so, post a snippet of a work-in-progress (or several)!
I can't sorry ^^;

2. Do you create Doctor Who icons?

3. Recommend a fanfic/icon/fanvid/fancomic/fancreation!There are so many things...

4. Have you been to any Doctor Who conventions?
No. *sigh*

5. Have you ever dressed up as a Doctor Who character?

6. Do you own any Doctor Who merchandise?
Yep. A sonic screwdriver and a mini TARDIS

7. Are you a fan of Russell T Davies?

7a. Steven Moffat?

7b. Paul Cornell?

8. What say you to Season 6b?

9. The UNIT dating controversy?
I'm not so intersted... but I want to see 3 with the UNIT

10. The Blinovitch Limitation effect?
I really have to watch the classic series :(

11. Multi-Doctor episodes?
The only one I've seen is Time Crash but YES

12. What's your favourite Doctor Who technobabble?
Oh gosh, I can't pick just one! lol

13. Have you watched other TV shows exclusively because of the presence of Doctor Who actors?

lol... yes XD

14. Have you met any of the actors?
Yes DAVID *_______*.

14a. Traveled to any filming locations?

15. What do you think of The Curse of Fatal Death?
LOL. I loved Rowan Atkinson as the Doctor... adn Hugh Grant *____*

16. Do you have any fannish opinions that you think are fairly unpopular?
Ummm, I dunno now...

17. What's your favourite pairing?
Ten/Rose and Alt!Ten/Rose

18. What pairing(s) won't you touch with a really long pole?
Ten/River Song. Bleh. And Ten/Martha

And now let's go to watch Fringe :) I need my dose of "OMG this is SO UNBELIEVABLE".

- Though I was more shocked about the cameo of Mary Beth Peil (Jen's grama in Dawson's Creek) than the part with the brain who comes out from the victim's nose/ears. What happened to me? XD
- Olivia's sister was flirting with Peter and that is not good.
- Best line of the episode: Walter: "I hope she doesn't notice the $2,000 for the baboon seminal fluid I ordered. I hope I can recall why I ordered it." Good Lord XD XD XD
- Awww the first fight between Peter and Olivia *___*
- And how cute was the final Peter/Olivia scene?
Uh and:
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