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The place where the possible and the impossible meet to become...the possimpible.

Such a strange day today...

When I woke up this morning, I was sick. Really sick. Too sick to do much more than lay on the couch, I was more pale than usual and my head hurted very much... and I thought "Last night I was sober... why my head hurts so much?" but my law books waited for me, so I studied the whole day, but now I almost forgot everything... This will be a LONG LONG night and my headache don't want to leave me alone... great.

This Afternoon, after a babana milkshake, I was next to my computer, waiting for the new episode of Chuck and suddently I heard: This is Gallifrey, Our Childhood, Our Home, my ringtone...Usually I leave the mobile ring for some moments... cos I love my ringtone XD but this time I answered IMEDIATLY cos was Enrico ♥...

Enrico is my unresolved crush, he's a classmate and a really colse friend, I fell for him the first night I saw him but I'm very insicure about myself... YAY... so I choked my feelings for him; two years ago we were good, my feeling was vanish but few months ago he started to be more nice that usual... he called a local television for my fanvid and thousand of other things and a strange strange scene under the rain... We spoked, as always, for 2 hours and we talked about everithing. When I told him that in settember I'll leave Law for the DAMS he was so so sorry, and I was happy about that, and he sayd something strange about relationship... I really have to understand what he meant with those words... but maybe it's my heart who's reasoning and not my brain.

The thing is that after the call I was fine (except for the headache) he healed me... ♥

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Yesterday night I saw How I met Your Mother.. at 4 in the morning but I was studing and I really wanted to see the episode... and was VERY GOOD! My ship ROCKS and Barney/Neil is so Awesome... just like his video resume tells!

When he descovered that Robin risked the deportation he was going to propose to her... BARNEY WAS GOING TO PROPOSE TO ROBIN... I was screaming in silence (cos was 4 in the morning... XD) I love how Barney started to get down on one knee ♥
And then he spoked again about a video about Robin... but WHAT VIDEO? I want to know what video footage he had of her... maybe was a sex tape from their night... I hope not!
And at the end he made a video resume for Robin and he finded her a job... the hug  was so cute and perfect... look:

                            4_003002.gif picture by Ery-chan_album
- All my life, I have dared to go past what is possible.
- To the impossible?
- Actually, past that... to the place where the possible and the impossible meet to become... the possimpible.

The hugging and hair petting at the end just made my heart leap, although internally I was screaming "Kiss him! KISS HIM!!!"
They're so cute!

I loved this episode. I loved even the horrible Photoshopping on Nice touch.

Uh and yesterday evening I saw Lie To Me because of Tim Roth... Tim Roth in a TV Show? WOW! And is great! I already like that show... and this is bad cos I'm watching to much "television"... but at least is good television cos is not Italian Television :)

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