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Barney/Robin Season 2 Picspam

Where were we? Oh yes, the second part of the picspam about the most awesome couple of HIMYM!
Season 2 wasn't so good with us poor shippers: Ted and Robin are a couple and the scenes with Barney and Robin together are few cos she is always with Ted!

Barney touches Robin shoulder and descovers that now the girl and Ted are a happy couple while Marshall is a wreck. Barney can't stand the new love or the eternal misery of any of them. Poor Barney!

Barney: Ew, man, you guys did it, didn't you?

Ted is explaining how it is Robin's first time meeting his parents, while Barney is flabbergasted that Ted has never mentioned him to his parents. Ted's parents arrive, and before Ted gets a chance to introduce Robin, Barney charms his way in and makes everyone laugh.

Robin: What's the matter with you? I'm his girlfriend, and I'm not even trying that hard. Way to wreck the curve, kiss-ass.
Barney: Robin, I'm his best friend. That's a commitment. Girlfriend, that's like a bad flu. Out of your system after a couple weeks in bed. High five.

The gang walks into a hospital room to see Barney as a patient in bed, while Professor Cougar is standing next to him. She tells the gang that he broke his hip. Robin is so worried!!!

Robin: Barney! Oh, my God! What happened?

The guys decide to start calling Barney, Swarley throughout the episode.
I love the final bit when Barney walks into McLaren's. The entire bar greets him with a nice big "Swarley!" and Carl plays the Cheers theme from a stereo. Hilarious!

Robin: What's up Swarlz?
Barney: No. Okay? No. No more. I will not let this become a thing. It's over. No more Swarley. No Swarlz. No more Swar-lay. No more Swar...
wait for it... ley. No more Bob Swarley, mon. No more. No! It's over. Do you understand?
Robin: Yes.

Barney tracks down a guy who has a tape of "Robin Sparkles" and gets it put on myspace. Robin is shocked to hear that name. Barney starts to play the video, but stops it after a few seconds to spare Robin's diginity. Barney slaps Marshall again and says he was right and Robin did do porn. Robin says it wasn't porn, and they all look shocked.

Barney: Robin, please don't panic. I'm only gonna show enough to prove to Marshall I was right.
Ted: No, Barney, I said we're not watching this.
Robin: No, it's time. Look, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but if it's out there, there's no point in trying to hide it anymore. Let's just watch it and be done with it.


Barney is sick and Robin is taking care of him. So lovely ♥♥♥

Barney: Oh, Robin, my simple friend from the untamed north, let me tell you about a little thing I like to call mind over body. You see, whenever I start feeling sick, I just stop being sick and be awesome instead. True story. Yeah, in two minutes, I'm going to pound a sixer of Red Bull, hop in a cab, play a couple of hours of laser tag, maybe get a spray-on tan. It's gonna be legen... Wait for it... (snoring softly)

Barney: This is a low moment for the Barnacle.I should be off playing laser tag right now, but instead... Don't look at me. I'm hideous.
Robin: You just look like a regular guy.
Barney: Exactly. I'm a Ted. I'm wearing elastic-waist fleece pants.
Robin: And isn't it more comfy?
Barney: Yes.
Robin: Come on, you need eat something.
Barney: Too weak... to hold... bowl.

Robin: Fine, I'll feed you.
Barney: Mmm. Ouchie in my mouth! I don't want it. I want ice cream.
Robin: No, you're not having ice cream for dinner just 'cause you're sick.
Barney: But my throat hurts.
Robin: No.
Barney: I hate you!
Robin: Oh.
Barney: Don't leave me.

Robin attends Lily's bridal shower and Barney helps her to find a special gift.

Hey, Barney, check out what I got Lily for her shower. It's kind of racy. Think you can handle it?
Barney: Uh, I've been in a ten-way. So, yeah.
Robin: It's kind of see-through.
Barney: Whoa, ho ho! You weren't kidding! You know when you should give that to her? 1850. Robin, it's her bridal shower! All her friends are gonna be there, they're going to be drinking. You need to get her something daring, something outrageous.
Robin: Well, what do you think I should get her?
Barney: There's a store on Eighth Avenue that specializes in... how to put this delicately?... uh, battery-powered, adult, recreational fake penises.

Barney is led to believe that they are engaged, that they broke up, that Ted is moving to Argentina with Robin, and that Robin is pregnant. Finally, Barney learns the real secret, that Ted and Robin have broken up.

Ted: Hey, kiddo.
Barney: You are going to miss out on a lot of awesome stuff. You'll be at home with the kid while I am out awesome-ing all over the place. And you're going to get fat.
Ted: The story's not over, Barney.

So Ted and Robin broke up at the end of Season 2 and now it's brotp time
Soon the Season 3 picspam!
Tags: !picspam, character: barney stinson, character: robin scherbatsky, ship: barney/robin, tv show: how i met your mother

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