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Barney/Robin Season 3 Picspam

And now the season 3!
This is a brilliant season expecially the final part! I loved this season so much! And not just because of "Sandcastles in the Sand" or "Miracles" but the whole season was awesome! How I Met Everyone Else, the Platinum Rule, The Bracket,... ALL GREAT EPISODES!

Robin is still dating Gael. And she says to Barney that she's changed. Bau at the end of the episode the real Robin(the sophisticated, scotch-swilling, cigar-smoking, red-meat-eating, gun-toting new yorker) comes back and Barney is happy.

Robin: I feel like the Robin who left is not the same Robin who came back, you know.
Barney: You haven't changed, Scherbatsky. You're a sophisticated, scotch-swilling, cigar-smoking, red-meat-eating, gun-toting new yorker. What you are not is a massage-giving, windsurfing, bongo-playing, teetotaling, vegan, peacenik, hippy like you soon to be ex-boyfriend, Gael.

Barney: Welcome home, Scherbatsky.
Robin: Oh, good to be back.

Ted's new girlfriend BlaBla thinks that Barney and Robin are a couple.

BalBla: Robin, how did you and Barney meet?
Robin: No... No, no, no, no. no, no, no, no. No, no, no. No. No. Barney and I are not together. No. No.
Barney: Really? 16 no's? Really?

Ted, Barney and Robin's bit, uncovering clues about Lily and Marshall's fight, served the story well.

Robin: Oh! No, no!
Barney: Pay up! Ugh! pussy!
Marshal: Guys,it's 3:00 in the morning and it reeks in here.

Robin: Wait. That time that you offered to walk my dogs when I went to visit my dad in Vancouver...
Barney: Yup.
Robin: Is that why my Yorkie trembled for like a week after I got back?
Barney: Yeah. That little guy saw some stuff I'm not proud of.

Barney: The world needs Marshall and Lily... together. I'm not crying, there's something in my eye.

Robin thinks that a "no" can be turned into a "yes"... 16 "no" for Barney will be 16 "yes"?

Barney:You can't turn a "no" into a "yes," Ted. Can't be done.
Robin: I don't know, Barney. I mean, sometimes persistence pays off. I said "yes" eventually.
Barney: No, you didn't. You were like, "No, we can't, we're friends. It would mess up the dynamic of the group."
Robin: To Ted.
Barney: Oh, right.
Robin helps Barney... a lot of UST in this episode :)

Robin: And then I'll come in, looking hot as all hell.

Robin: You know I'm curious. What do you say to these girls to get them to come home with you?
Barney: Usually I just lean in and whisper this one thing in their ear. You're a little turned on right now,aren't you?

Robin eats a Canadian sized ice cream cone and they share a cigar.

Barney: I called shotgun for all eternity.
Robin: You can't call shotgun for eternity.
Barney: Well, that's funny, cause I did!
What could I say? Best.Episode.Ever. lol!
Barney searches for more Robin Sparkles memorabilia, Robin brokes up again with her ex boyfriend and Barney comfort her... and finally, they kiss. One of my favorite moment is the shot of them just before they kiss, when their knees and shoulders are touching and Barney looks so nervous!

Robin: Uh... Simon dumped me in his van after the show.
Barney: Yeah, Robin, that was, like, ten years ago.
Robin: No, tonight.
Barney: Ooh. Really? Oh! Oh, come here. Come here.
Robin: It's just... when I was young, I was so... vulnerable and-and open to things, you know? And... I guess I just... I wanted to feel that way again.

Barney: You're the most awesome person I have ever known. Well, second most awesome.
Robin: Right. Of course, the-the first being you.
Barney: No. No. The first is this guy who lives in a place called the mirror. What up.

Robin: Barney, do you want to come back to my place?

Barney: So, should I just put it in?
Robin: Yeah, why not?

Barney: It's everything I want it to be and more.
Robin: Oh, I'm so glad.

Future!Ted: They watched it over and over that night until finally, they stopped watching.
After Barney sleeps with Robin he hires Marshal to find a loop hole in "The Bro Code"

Barney: So... i just slept with my best friend's ex-girlfriend
Robin: And I just slept with my ex-boyfriend's really good friend.

Barney: So, Robin?
Robin: Yes, Barney?
Barney: Guess who nailed the chick from metro news one last night?

Barney: God, this is awkward.
Robin: What is?
Barney: Being around Ted.
Robin: Why?
Barney: Because of our thing.
Robin: What thing?
Barney: You're really gonna pretend this never happened?
Robin: What never happened?

After an accident Barney descovers that he loves Robin.
Barney's last look to Robin was sooo sweet.
Barney loves Robin! Seriously, that was the sweetest thing ever.

Marshal: Hey, Ted said that right before the accident, his life flashed before his eyes. You know, all the stuff he loves.

We're almost there! :)
Tags: !picspam, character: barney stinson, character: robin scherbatsky, ship: barney/robin, tv show: how i met your mother
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