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22 March 2009 @ 02:21 am
The time of cathedrals has come. Finally. Again!  
This a story that takes place, in fair Paris in the year of our lord 1482. A tale of love and a tale of esire.
We the artists of stature unknown in sculpture and verse will attempt to transcribethis story for you and posperity.

Finally the day has come! Today I went with my aunt and my little cousins to see Notre Dame De Paris live for the second time. (I lost the count now of how many times I saw it on DVD, maybe I'll see it again tomorrow lol) The seats were great (5th row) and we didn't miss a bit of the action. And I rly still can't believe that I saw Matteo Setti live, I was so near and his voice was like ten thousands times better than the CD/DVD! Great, really great! (The Time of Cathedrals has Come listen *_______*)
I have to say that all the new cast is pretty amazing. And Heron Borelli's Febo was stunning, he's hot, more hot that the "original" Febo and he has a better voice!

For Quasimodo... the guy was very very good but he was not Giò Di Tonno, I'm rly sorry but Giò is Giò. (Dance, my Esmeralda 3.45. rly listen RLY! Btw here the lyrics in english, so give it a try c'mon) could really someone be better than him?
And Esmeralda was (physically)  the copy of Cristina D'Avena LOL.
But, at the end: Foundling and Caged wings and wild eyes (they will never fly again) continue to break my heart in so many pieces.
So, great play!

After the musical I met Erik by accident so we talked and I saw him later tonight and I'm beginnig to think that maybe we're dating... I'm not sure yet... I mean, I like him, I do, but I don't think that I wanna be in a relationship right now... and he's kinda in love with me so I feel guilty cos it's not the same for me! I rly don't know wath to do exactly.

Good Night! Tomorrow I have to study... Booooo :(

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Eleonora: nineeleblack on March 22nd, 2009 09:00 am (UTC)
Awwww Notre Dame De Paris... ma questa è una nuova 'versione'?
Io ho adorato quello con Giò di Tonno e Lola Ponce e tutti gli altri, davvero un bel musical! Tra l'altro l'avevo registrato su VHS ma mia madre ci ha registrato sopra -.-''''' Quindi prima o poi voglio scaricarmelo e rivedermelo!
Ery-chan: David Tennant (LiveEarth)erychan86 on March 22nd, 2009 11:33 am (UTC)
Siamo già all'8/9 anno se non sbaglio!
Ecco il link al dvd: http://www.mininova.org/tor/556158 *___________*
Cavolo, impazzisco per questo musical! :)