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I heart Ryan/Silver

Am I becoming addicted to picspam? Do I?
*Shrugs* I don't care ^___^
Today I'm happy cos from three days from now I'll be 23! I love the number 23 (even if Jim Carrey's movie about it was pretty lame. Sorry Jim!) so as a present to myself I bought The Doctor Who (New Series): Complete Series 3 Box Set and Complete Series 1 Box Set ! So Happy Bday to me. I really hope to find it on my mail box wednesday morning! :)

But this is a picspam post then let's start.
Me and my mate mrbartleboom are two "HUGE" fans of 90210! LOL! And we love Ryan/Silver so I decide to do this picspam to celebrate their... let's say their thing even if for now there is nothing between those two.
I understand that Dixon/Silver is CANON but I think that Ryan is gorgeous and I really love Silver, she's one of my favourite character (the gramma is the best ever XD), and I become a fan of this couple since after the promopics. I really can help myself! :)

Ryan comes back - finally - from South Dakota and he is sort of change. He's hurt because of all the things that happened to him because of the student/cop and he blames Silver and his blog so he kicks her out of his class and she becomes obsessed. She wants to come back! At the end her plan works and Ryan is back for good, is again the old Ryan! She destroys him and then she saves him!
Note: In this one we found out that Ryan is 23 so he's young enough for Silver... YAY. If he wants to be legal he have to wait only two seasons! :) And in the final scene she seems "older" and he "jounger" It's only a coincidence? :P

Silver: Mr.Matthews,I think the mountain air pickled your brain because you forgot me. Straight from Saberi to Sondheimer.
Ryan: Ms. Silver, I am transferring you out of this class.

Silver: Mr. Matthews,what is this about?
Ryan: I don't think I can be objective with you as a student given our history.
Silver: Our history?
Ryan: Yeah, as in you calling me "a child molesting pervert" on your blog and almost costing me my job.
Silver: Oh, right. Um, my bad.

Ryan: I think it's best if I'm not your teacher-- for both of us.
Silver: Look, Mr. Matthews... I was actually looking forward to this class-- to your class. It might sound corny, but you're not like the other teachers.
Ryan: Maybe that was my problem.

Silver: I mean, anyone else, anyone else Kicks me out of their class and... I'm proud of it. But Mr.Matthews is...
He's, like, the one teacher in this whole school Who isn't some brain-dead zombie jerk. How could he do this to me?
Silver: I'm gonna win Mr. Matthews back. I'm gonna write the best paper On Heart of Darkness that has ever been written In the history of English papers ever.
Dixon: So... You're gonna do the assignment Even though you're not in the class?
Silver: Prepare to have your mind blown, Mr. Matthews.
Ryan: Okay, everybody thought the worst of me. the students, the teachers. I mean, the students that I thought actually knew me. Silver? e... Did you see what she wrote?
Kelly: She got carried away. She's a kid. They're all kids, Ryan.
Ryan: Yeah, maybe so, but it happened, and, uh... I can't be the kind of teacher I was before. So I'm punching the clock till the end of the year, and then that's it for me.
Kelly: And then what?
Ryan: I don't know. I guess we'll see. But with Silver, it's just, it's better this way. for both of us, all right? In fact, give this back to her.

Silver: You wanted to see me?
Ryan: Read your paper.
Silver: Oh, yeah?
Ryan: Yep.

Silver: And? I mean, uh... Did you like it?
Ryan: It's not bad. It was insightful. It's ambitious. I liked knowing that you read the book. I liked knowing that it meant something to you, and I liked reading what you thought. Thanks.
Silver: Well... Thank you...for... making me want to stay up all night getting carpal tunnel.

Ryan: Glad you liked the book.
Silver: Yeah. It was pretty kick-ass.
Ryan: You know, you might cut down on some of the enthusiastic colloquial adjectives that you seem to be so fond of-- "kick-ass", "bad-ass"... anything with an "ass" in it, really. Just, you might try finding a synonym next time.
Silver: Next time?
Ryan: Yeah.
Silver: So... I'm back in your class? Cool. I'll get a thesaurus.

Casey: Sounds like you're a very passionate teacher.
Ryan: What can I say? You know, you can't reach these kids Unless you're willing to go out On a limb once in a while.

Silver: Did you hear? Ryan let me back into his class. Yes, my amazing-paper plan worked. And he loved it. He wouldn't stop going on about How great the paper was.

Silver goes crazy. Nothing more lol! I rly don't understand yet the finale. I knewd that Silver was at Ryan's but I thought that at the end he would hugged her anda say something nice, instead she throws him a bottle...Psyco...(but I still love you Erin Silver ^__-)

Ryan: You know, and our task interpret... poems, try to understand them, give them a value. So, please... please... do not disappoint your poems.

Silver: I gotta say: I'm loving this assignment, Matthews!
Ryan: When do we lose the "Mr"? Do I not comand respect?

Ryan: Hey.
Silver: Geez,matthews,you scared me.
Ryan: Sorry about that.
Silver: Uh,I'm just taking off for the night.I wanted to see how you're doing.

Silver: Sir matthews,welcome.
Ryan: Way to get around the time limit.
Silver: Well,I didn't want to butcher the narrative.
Ryan: Yeah,well... Geez,I'm excited.
Silver: Oh,I have an idea. Um,will you do,like,a little introduction before the film? You know,like...Kind of like they do at the arclight?
Ryan: Yeah,sure,why not?
Silver: You are the best teacher ever.

Ryan: Uh,I would like to introduce the first film,uh,from a new auteur. The,uh,inspirational... The enthusiastic... The unusual erin silver.
Um,uh,it's been a pleasure teaching her and,um... And...And I look forward to teaching her more in the future.

Ryan: Stop

Silver: You said to me that you liked movies better than blogs. You think you could possibly be referring to the blog that I posted about you? I wonder. You never got over it,did you? You pretended to-- You pretended to forgive me. You even invited me back into your classroom. All so that you could encourage me to make this movie. This was all a set-Up.
Ryan: Silver...
Silver: No,stop! Drop the puppy dog face!I'm over it!
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