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The Future Hero and The Tin Girl

In those last few days I started to watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles cos in two weeks I'll meet Summer Glau at the Starfury T1 so I have to prepare myself properly!
And it found out that this show is really nice, I mean all this Timey Wimey Stuff and those flash-backs/fowards as in Lost... is pretty good stuff.
So, here I am. In an another fandom. Again. And yes, a picspam. I'm sick am I? XD

1x01 Pilot

Cameron: What's your name?
John: John.
Cameron: Cameron.

Cameron: I haven't seen you around here before. Did you just move here?
John: Yeah, i did.
Cameron: Sucks for you.

Cameron: Thank you for explaining. It'll be our secret.

Cromatire: Do we have a John Reese?

Cameron: Come with me if you want to live.

John: What model are you? Are you new? You seem... Different.
Cameron: I am.
1x02 Gnothi Seauton

I did a brief analysis.

1x03 The Turk

You're getting pretty good at that.
Cameron: Thank you.
John: Still, it's not exactly brain surgery or anything. Be pretty funny if you were some sort of advanced cybernetic intelligence,
yet stumped by a stick of eyeliner.
Cameron: No, it's not brain surgery. It would have to be a lot sharper for brain surgery.

John: You won't fool anyone.
Cameron: I fooled you.

Cameron: Do you like this color on me?
John: What?
Cameron: I'm a bitch whore.
John: What?
Cameron: I have a new friend.
John: Did she tell you you were a bitch whore?

John: We gotta help her now!
Cameron: No

1x05 Queen's Gambit

Are you really good at math?
Cameron: Yes.
John: You wanna do mine?
Cameron: Yes.

Cameron: What are they doing?
John: They're writing notes. For Jordan.
Cameron: She's dead.
John: Yeah, I remember watching her fall.
Cameron: Me too. How will she get the notes?
John: She won't.
Cameron: But you said...
John: Sometimes things happen and they're so bad, people don't know how to deal with their sadness. They write it in a note.
Cameron: But I thought people cried when they were sad.
Sometimes it's not enough.

John: You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?
Cameron: You're grieving.
John: Grieving? How do you know what grieving is?
Cameron: I read all the notes.

Sarah: Let's go.
John: Where's Cameron?
Derek: Leave her, let's go.
Sarah: Let's go.

1x07 The Demon Hand

You trust the machine.
John: Cameron
Derek: Yeah, Cameron. What a joke. Walking around with a name. Like it's a person. It's not a person.
1x08 Vick's Chip

She can't be trusted. No matter how she acts on the outside, We have no idea what's going on in there.
John: Well, I could say that about you.

John: Do you lie to me?
Cameron: Sometimes.
John: About important things?
Cameron: Yes. Important things.

John: Cameron. What are you doing?
Cameron: Never mind.

Cameron: It's okay, John. It's not the first time we've done this.

Derek: Someday one of these things is gonna kill you.
John: It's not gonna be this one.

John: What was it like? What'd you see in there?
Cameron: I saw everything.

1x09 What He Beheld

Do I have a birthday?
John: I don't know. Were you born?
Cameron: I was built.
John: Well, then, maybe you have like a build day.

And now I'm going to watch season 2. YAY me!
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