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17 May 2009 @ 01:42 am
Music Video: The Dream - Opening (Brand New Day)  
Hi f-list, here we go with your favouryte mental girl! Why mental? Cos you HAVE to watch what I've done yesterday night!
This is what happens when I stay till 3 in the morning on MSN with mrbartleboom

A few months ago I had a dream, I dreamt about me, Marky and Federico (Colin in the video) living in London and being friends with David Tennant, John Barrowman etc...
Then Marky told me "Come on Ery, write it down" and the dream became a fan fic... then in London Marky said "Come on Ery, this song (King of Leons - Use Somebody*) is amazing, make an opening for the fan fic... and so this is the "opening" lol
but with a different song!
Now I'm scared... maybe one of those day he will say to me: "Come on Erika, make a Trailer" XD

The Dream - Opening (Brand New Day)

by Ryan Star

banner_00202.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album

Link @ YouTube
Download: SendSpace

Characters: erychan86 ,mrbartleboom ,David Tennant, Federico, John Barrowman, Georgia Moffet ( + river__ ,darkbeba andlaz75Spoilers: none
Brand New Day by Ryan Star (Lyrics)
Clips from:
My camera, Marky's camera, The Friday Night Project, Tonight Is The Night, Spooks Code9, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Doctor Who
Note: This is what happens when I stay till 3 in the morning on MSN with Marky.
Description: The Opening of my dream!

(*Use Somebody is a beautiful song but I LOVE this one Ryan Star - Brand New Day so I used it)

So, I know, I'm totally crazy sometimes (but you know you love me don't you?)... but the opening is cute so I decided to share it with you!
The names of my friends are fake, and mine too... I changed 'em for privacy ;)
But I like Erika K. Dunstan... love it... maybe I'll change mine into this when I'll became famous lol! Yes, like it could ever happen ^___^

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Current Music: Ryan Star - Brand New Day
Ery-chan: icon of the momenterychan86 on May 17th, 2009 10:19 am (UTC)
Ahaha! Devi entrare nella mia testa... è l'unico modo che hai per vederlo... (oppure, come dice Morry dovrei cambiare tutti i nomi degli attori che ho messo, scrivere un libro, sperare di venire publicata e poi sperare che la BBC mi chiami per farne un TF e a quel punto sperare che mi facciano scegliere gli attori da metterci dentro XD)

Alla fine è una cavolata, dura da 10 capitoli e siamo solo all'inizio eh ma è una cavolatissima XD, c'è dell'angst ma il 90% di tutto quello che scrivo diventa comico in un modo o in un altro XD sarebbe un drama divertente... soprattutto le parti domestiche tra Marky, Federico e me XD