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One of those days

Today was (or still is if it continues like that but I don't have any hope anymore) one of those days...
A day so boring that the most exciting thing could be find a rock in your shoe.
Yep, just that kind of day!
I woke up - without alarm clock cos it decides that is better vibrate then rang (good for you alarm clock) - and I saw my room, hoping to be in any other place, I squeezed my eyes but... nothing... still there. Damn!
I went out for some shopping (the boring kind) and I didn't met anyone interesting on my way. I came back home and I studied economy and then I saw Prison Break: The Movie. I didn't like it so much! Nice end but the story was... what word can I use to describe it...mhm... useless... That movie took me 5 hours of my life, don't worry, it wasn't so long! I was so bored that I paused it a lot of times. I played with my facebook during the whole movie ^___^ I made a lots of stupid tests and I pick my 5 of the day - and that was the best part of my day.
Then I went to my part time (or I should say one of my part times cos I have another one YAY me, fuck you financial crisis lol) and then home again.

I saw my TVCalendar and it's empty... so sad... it use to be so full and I used to be so scared every time I opened that page but now... empty... :'(
But I decided to watch new show this summer. I want to see (wait I made a list): Skins (I saw season 1 and 2 in a week but I have to see the 3th one), Battlestar Galactica, Primeval, Californication and 11th Hours. Any other suggestion?

Today was also my cousins (beba73 and Fabio) birthday and their sister, Paola, went to the hospital cos she supposed to have a baby boy (Go!Girl YAY), but her days as a pregnant woman aren't finish yet. I saw her last week and she's so big. She scared me.
So the baby is still in... can you balme him? Make your first step in this world in a day so boring? Stay inside till tomorrow kiddo!

Tags: !birthdays, life: ery!verse, tv show: battlestar galactica, tv show: prison break
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