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11 June 2009 @ 12:49 am
Meme and Stuff  
It seems that my last meme was a life ago, so I stolen this one from sanzina89  cos I loved her post! ;)
So, it's simple:
Comment with a subject (or more) for a top five (ships, songs, books, etc) you would like to see my answer.
I will post my answers in a separate entry.
Be as specific or as broad as you'd like.
I'll make a post next week with the answers! I hope to have loads comments ;)

Btw, yesterday night was the season premiere of Chuck here in Italy... the dubbing wasn't so bad excepr for one thing: Capitan Awesome is turned in Capitan Fenomeno: Capitan Phenomenon... pretty lame uh... But, thanks to Chuck I met a new friend on Twitter YAY. I'm becaming addicted to that network... I even added an app on my Facebook so I can update my status on both of 'em at the same time! LOL. I'm feeling such a nerd... but, you know, I'm proud of it! XD

Speaking about Chuck, nerds and stuff, I saw - a week and a half ago -  in two weeks, 2 seasons of the Big Bang Theory and I loved it! Sheldon is my favourite charachter and I ship him with Penny, I know that is impossible cos he is... well... Sheldon, but they're so cute... the one with Sheldon that plans a perfect solitary evening for himself, but, unfortunately, he locked himself out of his apartment so he is forced to stay at Penny's was one of my favourite, he's so sweet when he says thanks to Penny! Awww! But the Big Bang Theory was my last TV show for now... I have to study hard... meh! But August is near... and I booked a flight for London (yes again... can you balme me?) and the week before mrbartleboom  will spend a week at my place! YAY, we'll have a lot of fun ;)

And now it's time for bed... bye f-list! Good Night and please comment with a request for the meme!
x- Ery
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Ery-chanerychan86 on June 11th, 2009 03:01 pm (UTC)
Però se tu aggiorni twitter da twitter ti aggiorna facebook! :)