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Top Fives!

Hi there! I finished all the top 5 you asked to me and now that I have five minutes I decided to post the answers.
It was fun even if some questions made me go insane! LOL
If you want you can keep to ask me other top 5. ;)
The question was silmpe:
Comment with a subject (or more) for a top five (ships, songs, books, etc) you would like to see my answer.
I will post my answers in a separate entry.
Be as specific or as broad as you'd like.
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I made loads of bloopers in my whole life but... nothing funny comes back to me now... I'm pretty sure that I've made better but still... and then there are lots of things that I don't put in the "This is so embarrassing that I rly wanna kill myself right now" box like: speak about someone who's behind my back or speak loudly or ask to Adam Baldwin if he wanna be my BFF... So those are the things that I remember clearly:

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5) PUTTING THE SHOT: P.E. wasn't my favourite at school. I trip over my own legs every time i walk... I'm a mess so my story with this subject is looooooong and hilarious but this is my favourite! I'm 16. Me and my class mates (all boys, I'm the only girl in the class since the second grade) are in gym. The teacher tells us that is time for the shot-put. The other starts with amazing results and the teacher is so proud of 'em and then is my turn I try with all my strong to send it far away, I even close my eyes... but the throw sucks. So I try again with more passion... but I fall and I go more far than the little ball goes. XD. They start to stare me so I start to laugh and then my teacher and my classmates start too. Fortunately they loved very much, I was the only girl so they wasn't mean with me at all XD But I rly dunno how I passed every year in P.E. Maybe just because I was their clown! :)

4) WAITER: This one is a story that my parents tells to everyone everytime they are at the resturant: I'm 6. Me and my family are at a wedding. Suddently I say at my uncle - sit next to me - "My mum sais that in this resturant the food is not so good" (I use an eufemism here cos I was kinda mean) the waiter hears me and he starts to have strange accident, he spill the water on my father's back and other stuff. Everyone still blames me but maybe it wasn't my fault, maybe the waiter was new... the fact is that I feel terribly embarrassed every time that my parents tell this story!

3) GET LOST: For someone who knows me get lost is a totally natural thing for me (Except when I'm in London). I live in Genoa from 23 years and if someone asks me road informations I dunno how to reply... and Genoa is a really small city! So: I'm babysitting and I decide to take the children to the beach. We take the train for Arenzano cos I know the station is near the beach just about 2 minutes. We arrive and we start to walk. Is rly hot and I can't see the sea... the street suddently starts to rise so I ask informations at a old woman, even if I'm sure that I'm going in the right way, and she tell me that I take the wrong road. The beach is in the opposite direction. The children still laughing of me!

2) BLOND: I'm addicted to hairstyle. I change my color every month. I'm blond... or better: PLATINUM but I wanna change cos I think that is a wrong color for me. So I go to my hairstylist and she asks me what color I want this time. I say: "Oh please take away this blond. Is a color for old women" She open her eyes wide so I look around and in the shop there are 5 blond women who look at me.
That was my last fake color, now I'm a brunette and I have no need to change color again! LOL But don't worry, she's still my hairstylist. She's great! ;) And she's totally forgive me :D

1) THE GYNECOLOGIST: I'm 17. Is my first time with that kind of doctor but I need it cos I have terribly painful tummy aches and I need to be on the pill. And, lucky me, I'm in a relationship - a long one - and we are sexually active. So my mum takes me to the gynecologist, my boyfriend is in the neighbourhood cos we have a date after the visit so he waits for me in the lobby. I come in and the doctor brings me behind a curtain and while, he makes the ecography, starts to ask me questons. He suddently asks: "Are you sexually active?" My mum is in the room, on the other side of te curtain and I answer :"There is my mum here" and he laughs and sais loudly "Oh, there is your mum here! So I take it as a Yes". He prescribes me the pill and my mum is totally cool so I think that maybe she doesn't hear. We go out and we meet my boyfriend. We go in the same way for a while, my mum is forward so I tell to him the story. Suddently she sais "So you two kids have something to say?"
I rly wanna die! Fortunatly my mum is a cool woman so she didn't make any problem about all the story... in fact she actually made fun of me for a while! LOL

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Behind this there are a loooooong story :)
I choose then not cos they're nice but becose of their history with me cos I didn't know how to chose... and there are lots of places that I don't remember 'em names cos I was a child or I didn't pay too much attention :P

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: Holiday with my university mate. The house was at few steps from the beach! Awww amazing!

4) COURTLAND HOTEL (Stratford Upon Avon): I loved it only because I was there for Hamlet with David Tennant! LOL I'm kidding (I must certainly not) The owners were so cute with all those "honey" "sweetheart" "love" awww!

3)FLAT IN CARDIFF: Oh was so gorgeous... I wanted to move there!

2) SOMBRERO (Riccione): Me and my friends had destroy the place! One night we were so drunk... we run everywhere and the owner tryed to calm us down... we kept him up till 5 in the morning and we had involve other guys in that crazy game... There are loads of funny story about that place!

1) GENERATOR HOSTEL (London): My first hostel ever. It was my fav cos I was with my BFF and we were rly scared about the place ^___^

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The question was odd. I had to pick 5 TV show that I still watch becose of something else and not because I love 'em.

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I started last summer and it was nicebut now I watch it only because Elliot and J.D. Now it's over fortunately!

4) HEROES Season 1 was good but the second one... I still watch it because of Sylar/Zachary Quinto. The story now is shit!

3) ONE TREE HILL I rly don't know why I watch this... at the beginning I started cos Nathan/James Lafferty was always shirtless and he's hot... but now I rly don't know why!

2) SARAH JANE ADVENTURE I don't like Sarah! I don't like her at all (maybe I'll like her when I'll see her with the 4th Doctor...) I watch this cos is Doctor Who related.

1) HOUSE It hurts me put this one in this list cos was my fav Tv Show (when I didn't know nothing about Doctor Who) I started to watch tv show because of it. The first season was amazing the season two too but then... the producer/writer/everyone except the main cast ruined the show.. And not because I'm a Hameron but because it makes no sense anymore. I still watch it cos I love Hugh Laurie and it was my first propper Tv Show!

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At this time I'm obsessed with those amazing song... and when I'm obsessed with a song I make a music video (and those 5 are perfect for Doctor Who *_*) so...:
P.S. : I leave the links for the songs so you can hear 'em!

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5) TRADING YESTERDAY - SHATTERED I can't say anything! Is brilliant and I'm making a video about Doctor who on this one too :)

4) JARS OF CLAY - WORK This is my present obsession! I wanna make a video about the Doctor on this one!

3)TIESTO - EVERYTHING (ACUSTIC) Yes I was a techno gal. But trust me... this version is stunning!

2)LIFEHOUSE - BROKEN. Amazing song. I can hear it over and over again for months!

1)MUSE - MAP OF THE PROBLEMATIQUE. I always loved this one so I'm always obsessed with that!

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At today those are my favourite TV Shows. The first place is permanent... and the second one too from about a year... the other changes but today this is my list!

tvshow1.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album

used to be at the 3rd place of my list since last year but the third season isn't so good!
4) LOST is fantastic! Great story and every season is VERY good.
3) CHUCK oh I love it! I rly love it! I love the story, the cast, EVERYTHING
2) HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER just 3 word: NEIL PATRICK HARRIS. I'm kidding! Every episode is brilliant and I was a big fan of Friends and it reminds me of it sometimes! ;)
1) DOCTOR WHO I rly have to say something about this choice? Is simply perfect!

album2.jpg picture by Ery-chan_albumby sanzina89

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5) RESCAL FLATTS - FEELS LIKE TODAY The singer is amazing, his voice is so particular... Again, here there are such beautiful songs but the one is What Hurts The Most. I descovered 'em thanks to this song.

4) LIFEHOUSE - WHO WE ARE About this group I have to say that maybe I had to chose the entire discography cos they're amazing but in this album there is Broken, one of my favourite song ever

3) MUSE - ORIGIN OF SYMMETRY Wonderful group. I'll give my kidneys for be able to go at one of their concert. My favourite song is Muscle Museum that is not in this album but I chose this one cos there are so many wonderful songs!

2) TRADING YESTERDAY - MORE THAN THIS Wonderful voice and great songs. I descovered 'em cos of my passion for music videos, I heard one song and then another, and another one and it was love.

1) JOSH GROBAN - AWAKE I simply love his voice! I descovered him in Ally McBeal and since then I'm a huge fan. Awake is his best album. I love every song.

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Oh this was hard! Un season 4 there was so many awesome episodes...
ATTENTION: Spoiler for 4x24 The Leap

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5) 1x17 - ZIP ZIP ZIP. Oh I love this one! They became Bro in this eps, I love the laser tag scene cos you can see how perfect for each other they are! And his talk at the end was so real! All starts here!
Robin: Okay. You and me? That's insane. If you even thought about it for one second...
Barney: But I have thought about it for three seconds, and it makes a lot of sense. We both think the marriage-commitment thing's a drag. We both want something casual and fun. And we clearly get along really well.
Robin: Wow, that actually did make a lot of sense.

4) 4x12 BENEFITS. Barney sais "I love you" but she's in denial arg! I love his expression! He's such a great character!
Barney: I love you.
Robin: Exactly. He's not like you,you know? Besides,we're friends I don't want to screw that up by getting involved. Dating friends never works out.

3) 4x24 - THE LEAP The leap... I know that for so many people is THE moment! And I loved it so it was hard put it in the third place!
Lily: Listen to what the world is telling you to do and take the leap.

2) 4x24 - THE LEAP This is simply the sweetest thing I hever heard! And is from Barney! The best confession ever! *_*
Robin: .It's just... Like, I care about you, Barney. And... This kind of stuff, the emotional stuff? It's not your thing. I thought I'd save you the trouble.
Barney: Maybe I don't want to be saved the trouble. Maybe I want the trouble. I haven't wanted the trouble in a long time. But with you, the trouble doesn't seem so... troubling. I don't know. I thought... I guess I thought you felt the same way.

1) 3x16 - SANDCASTLES IN THE SAND Oh I love this scene in so may ways. Robin opens up with Barney and not with the others who are more senstive, and he's there for her... he always runs away from that kind of stuff but he is there for her and he hugs her and confort her! I think that here he is already in love with Robin. He figured out in Miracles but here he is totally another Barney!
Barney: You're the most awesome person I have ever known. Well, second most awesome.
Robin: Right. Of course, the-the first being you.
Barney: No. No. The first is this guy who lives in a place called the mirror. What up.

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CHARLS DICKENS - DAVID COPPERFIELD I read this book so many times... I love it!

4) J.D. SALINGER - THE CATCHER IN THE RYE a classic. The story is amazing!

3) ROBERT L. STEVENSON - THE STRANGE CASE OF DR JACKIL AND MR HIDE Oh such a great book. I read it so many times that I had to bought another copy cos I wanted to write notes on the book but I didn't want to ruin it. I love every book who spoke about the good and the evil in the same person... I remember that I read it and then I started with Kafka cos I loved the topic!

2) SLOWNESS - MILAN KUNDERA People always tell me: Why Slowness? it's not his most famous book but I'm a nonconformist LOL. I rly dunno why this book cos I love evey Kundera's books but this one it stoled my heart.

I fell in love with this book when I was 13. People told me that I was too young for read stuff like that and I took it like a challange so I read all Shakespeare's books that year but Hamlet was my first love. I read every translation and - of course - the original one! I consumed the pages and I consumed the VHS too - the one with Kenneth Branagh - and I'll consume the DVD with David Tennant when I'll have it!

Wow. Done... Gosh was so long! But rly funny so if you have other questions (silly or not) please ask!
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