Ery-chan (erychan86) wrote,

♫ You're so vain...

...I bet you think this song is about you...♫

Oh I'm feeling so vain in those days... I know that isn't a good thing being vain but I can't help... maybe is because I'm really happy and when I'm happy I find myself nice enough to take a picture, or 21... depends ^____^.

Finally is summer and it means: exams and work for Ery... and this is good (I mean the work part... the exams are always awful) cos I need money for my trip(s), so I don't feel bad when my alarm clock rings at 6 in the morning and you know why? Cos I'm lucky. I have the best part-times ever. Two of 'em are with kids and, since they aren't mine, they are amazing. I have to babysit 2 adorable girls and teach to a less adorable boy (I'm kiddin' I love him too).

The two girl are so damn sweet and I could play with 'em for days and days... Yes, I'm childish, but I'm proud of it! I'm 23 so I can be childish for a little while longer... am I right? :P We play with ordinary toys like Barbie, or Wii (I lost 2,8 kg in 3 days with Wii Fit ,YAY me!), or we draw, or I make their hair and, in the while, mine too. Look:

Oh I love my hair. I always wanted blond straight hair but I was born as a brunette with ringlets :( so I tryed everything: I changed my color with dreadful results for 6 years... I became blond, platinum, red, orange, even pink for a while, blond and balck, blond and red,... Nice colors but my hair was always a mess because of the ringlets so I didn't appreciate the changes till last year and, thanks to my beloved hairstylist, I became a girl with straight hair.
Now I can go to the swimming pool and let the sun drys my head, I can woke up in the morning without the need to fix all that mess.. awww she saved my life! But yesterday I tried to back to the start and it was nice.
I'm still really happy about my cuttent hair but the ringlets are cute too so I think that this hairstyle will appear again sometimes in the future... ;)

But now stop babling about hair, I was talking about the two girls. Well, yesterday they wanted to see The Wizard of Oz so I told 'em about Wiched, I told the story and I translated the songs and they loved it so today I showed the musical and was a great success. I'm proud of them. Last year they fell in love with Doctor Who and now Wicked! *____*

Yesterday, after work, I met a University Buddy in a store with his new girlfriend! Oh, I'm so happy for him, he is one of those guys that wants the love story. Every morning, before class, he talked me about "the reserc of the one" and the beauty of being in a relationship, and now, see him finally happy made me happy too, he deserve it, he's such a great guy.
He asked me about my love life and I was a little bit embarassed cos I'm very happy as a single gal, I tend to run away from relationships, he told me that I'm such a beautiful girl and that I'm funny, sweet and great, I was flattered and suddently he sayd "I know that you don't want anyone now but what if the right one is out there, waiting?" and, like in the movies, my phone rang and who was? A guy that I like! He wrote me a silly message but still the whole situation was kinda creepy LOL.

Well, that's all from Ery for now, I'll go to study a little before to fall asleep! I saw a movie a few minutes ago: Deception with Ewan McGregor and Hugh Jackman... I don't know if I can say that the movie is good... I mean, I liked it a lot but I'm not objective cos I love both of 'em and I was a little distract in a few pieces lol!

Uh, I almost forgot: I'm starting to hate my layout style... I absolutely have to change it soon... I have to find a community about CSS any suggestions?

Bye f-list ;) Have a great evening (or day, depends)
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