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28 June 2009 @ 03:23 pm
I KNEW it would end like that!  
I just saw Robin Hood Series finale and it was very good!
There were 2 scenes in particular that I loved but I made a picspam for only one of 'em! Only the English can do stuff like that and this is why I love every tv show made in UK. They're great, great actors, great writers, great producers, great everything! They're amazing!
Oh I'll miss this show so much!
Btw I just need to say one thing:


Oh, yes I did!

I knew that Robin would die in the end. I knew it from Season 2 finale cos Robin/Marian was meant to be, is the legend, they had to be together and if she was dead was pretty obvious that Robin would follow her in heaven! And this end was so beautiful and tragic, was rly perfect!


Robin: I'm sorry I have to leave you. All of you. But I have to do this alone



Robin: Marian.


Marian: I have waited for you.
Robin: I knew I would find you again.


Marian: It's time.The greatest adventure is yet to come.



Robin: My wife.
Marian: Now and for ever, my love.






I loved the scene of Guy's death too! His last sentence was: At least you have someone waiting for you. Marian. The love of my life. She was always yours. I've lived in shame. But because of you, I die proud. Oh I'm pretty sure that there is a room for you too Gis, don't worry. Threesome rulez.
Oh I rly can't find something wrong in this episode, the goodbyes were heartbreaking, expecially the Much's one, I always loved Much, I think that he will be a good friend for Archer too! But poor thing, he lost Alan last week and now Robin... Please John take care of him, I'm worried, the word "suicide" was written all over his face!
I have to admit that I'd like to see Djaq and Will in the last episode with the gang but maybe I watched too many times the season finale of Doctor Who so I'm expecting big reunion everywhere XD

And now Robin Hood is over. Was a great show, the last season wasn't good as the first two but was a rly good show!
Time to move on! Now I'll go to see Chess in Concert! YAY!
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starlightmoonlastarlightmoonla on June 28th, 2009 11:20 pm (UTC)
So we share 3 shows... YAY... maybe even more ;)

Oh definitely more! I also enjoy Torchwood (I'm so happy that's finally coming back!! :D), Merlin (I'm getting to re-watch it again here in the States but I'm eagerly this next season. Never thought I'd like this show that much!) and while I didn't see all of Life on Mars I did like the concept of it and enjoyed a good number of the episodes!

And *looks at profile* You're a BUFFY fan!! Yay! Even more absolutely win! Buffy is an amazing series! :D It actually went out with a strong final year which is almost unheard of in television. :D
Ery-chan: ten/roseerychan86 on June 28th, 2009 11:26 pm (UTC)
Oh I love Merlin, Torchwood an LoM too!
This is a list of my fandom/Ships (was in my scrapbook ;) )

+ Ten/Rose - Alt!Ten/Rose - (Billie/David)| Doctor Who ♥
+ House/Cameron - Wilson/Cuddy - House/Wilson - Cameron/Wilson | House
+ Barney/Robin - Lily/Marshal | HIMYM
+ Desmond/Penny - Jack/Kate - Sawyer/Juliet - Dan/Charlotte | Lost
+ Chuck/Balir - Jenny/Nate - Lily/Rufus | Gossip Girl
+ Mike/Sara - Mahone/Mike - Mahone/Pam| Prison Break
+ Ally/Larry | Ally Mc Beal
+ Ryan/Silver - Kelly/Dylan - Adrianna/Navid | 90210/BH90210
+ Booth/Bones - Angela/Hodgins | Bones
+ Buffy/Spike - Willow/Xander - Giles/Willow - Oz/Willow| Buffy
+ Mike/Susan - Bree/Orson - Tom/Lynette | Desperate Housewives
+ Nick/Karen - Lisa/Jeremy | Dirty Sexy Money
+ Olivia/Peter | Fringe
+ Derek/Meredith - Danny/Izzie - George/Izzie - Lexie/Mark - Christina/Hunt | Grey's Anatomy
+ Sylar/Elle - Peter/Clare - Nathan/Nikki | Heroes
+ Kahalan/Richard | Legend Of The Seeker
+ Sam/Annie | Life on Mars BBC
+ Merlin/Arthur - Arthur/Morgana - Morgana/Uther - Gaius/Nimueh | Merlin BBC
+ Nathan/Haley - Lucas/Peyton | One Tree Hill
+ Ned/Chuck | Pushing Daisies
+ Robin/Marian - Alan/Will| Robin Hood BBC
+ Betty/Daniel - Marc/Amanda | Ugly Betty
+ Mal/Inara | Firefly
+ JD/Elliot | Scrubs
+ Chuck/Sarah | Chuck
+ Monica/Chandler - Ross/Rachel - Phoebe/Joey | Friends
+ Jess/Rory - Lorelai/Luke | Gilmore Girls
+ Val/Vic - Holly/Vince - Holly/Harry| What I Like About You
+ Veronica/Logan | Veronica Mars
+ Clarck/Lois - Lana/Lex | Smallville
+ Mick/Beth | Moonlight
+ Jack/Ianto - Jack/Gwen - Owen/Tosh | Torchwood
+ Matt/Harriet - Jordan/Danny | Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip
+ Topher/Claire - Mellie/Paul - Sierra/Victor | DollHouse
+ Castle/Beckett | Castle
+ Erica/Ethan | Being Erica
+ Holt/Lucy | Dirt
+ Cameron/John | Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles
+ Annie/Mitchel | Being Human
+ Sid/Cassie - Jal/Chris | Skins
+ Abby/Connor | Primeval
+ Sheldon/Penny | The Big Bang Theory
+ Fran/Max - C.C./Niles | The Nanny
+ Starbuck/Apollo | Battlestar Galactica

Oh yes. I'm a TV Show Addicted! XD
starlightmoonla: Billie Piperstarlightmoonla on June 29th, 2009 05:38 am (UTC)
You definitely love your TV! I'm so glad I'm not the only one. :D