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30 June 2009 @ 01:08 am
♫ Once I had dreams, Now they're obsessions, Hopes became needs, Lovers possessions ♫  
Here I am, with a brand new obsession, YAY! Its name is Chess in Concert!
I was surfing the net and I found on Youtube a video with Josh Groban and Kerry Ellis and I said "OMG, what is this? Who cares! I have to have it NOW" then I saw Idina Menzel so I went crazy.
So I started it because of the cast... mostly because of Josh 'cos I simply adore him and everything he does is always perfect! And then I fell in love with the story! A wonderful love story!

The story involves a romantic triangle between two top players, an American (Freddie/Adam Pascal) and a Russian (Anatoly/Josh Groban), in a world chess championship, and a woman (Florence/Idina Menzel) who is the second of one and falls in love with the other. The game becomes a sort of political war between the countries and the game mess up their lives and... no I say no more you have to watch it and love it!

This is an interview with Josh Groban where you can listen few songs.

Isn't the last one (Anthem) amazing? But all the songs are really beautiful! So, please, give it a chance, you'll not regret. Trust me!
So, do we have a deal? ;)

P.S. I added a new header here
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Current Music: josh Groban - Anthem
Ery-chan: Music/Musicalerychan86 on July 1st, 2009 12:10 am (UTC)
c'mon now..you didn't know about his Chess concerts at ALL?? O_O
No I really didn't know anything about it... I just knew that Josh was in a musical/concert but I didn't know about the story, the place, the songs,... nothing at all. Since that wonderful day on youtube... And expecially thanks to Chiara who gives me the links! *_____*

And Florence isn't his manager, she's his second (and lover, but I try to forget that 'cause..ew..)
I thought that the second was a sort of manager... I'm correcting the mistake!

Svetlana is normally meek and kinda boring, but Kerry's Svetlana kicked major ass. She was so angry, and feisty..*_*
Oh I love Kerry when she sings in anger *___________* She's amazing!

have you seen the official trailer? with the splatters of blood and the VENGANCE signs? XDDD hilarious..
Yes I saw it on Amazon... and I was all : "OMFG what the hell is this? There would be a lot of blood" XD

LOL at Jon looking a tad out of place behind Adam Pascal at 0:37 while David Bedella behind Josh looks quite smug
LOL, Josh is adorkable! *_____*

It isn't my fault Idina decided to stick her hands in her hi fashion dress for the whole show *roll eyes*
But wth she was doing with her and btw? She had something important inside? Meh!

it isn't everyday that you see 4.000 people stand up as one man.
I get up from my chair in front of my PC too XD
LOL at the pic... is like "Where's Waldo?" XD