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Oh raised yourself up tonight

Today is a rainy day and, after work, I wasn't in the mood for studying at all so I opened PSP and I made some icons about Josh and Chess cos he's so adorable and the musical is amazing and I can't stop to twittering about it! Somebody stops me please XD

The icons are from: Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Awake Live DVD, Behind The Big Orange Curtain and - of course - Chess in Concert.
I hope you like 'em.


Kiss me you, American idiotCollapse )

The other day I saw Josh on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and he was hilarious.
Take a look at some videos:
A Man and His Hand
. I love this one! Maybe is my favourite part of the entire episode! "Oh raised yourself up tonight... Kiss me you American idiot" and LOL at the dirty joke that Josh does in a clean version and Martin Freeman's reactions at Simon's joke. Like he can't believe what Simon is saying.
Josh Will Sing To You And Make You Cry! This guy is so charismatic and funny! He never fails to amaze me!
Intros round This is the best team I ever saw in the show! "Do you want it again"?, "Yes, Reggae!" LOL and Scoobidy Scoobidy Scoobidy Scoobidy XD
And in the end: Josh's Speech Sons and Daughters of England, I urge you not to approach my record

So, my dear friend list, if you aren't Josh fans yet... WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!
Tags: fanart: icons, musical: chess in concert, people: idina menzel, people: josh groban, people: kerry ellis, ship: anatoly/florence

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