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14 November 2007 @ 07:48 pm
Robin Hood Spoiler  

Ep 10/13
Saturday 8 December

Tormented by Robin Hood, The Sheriff sleepwalks straight into Sherwood Forest, as Dominic Minghella's drama continues. Unfortunately, he goes missing on the very day that Prince John's messenger, Jasper, arrives to check all is well in Nottingham.

By the time Gisborne raises the alarm, Prince John's private army is already on its way, ready to raze Nottingham at sunset. Drastic action is called for, so, while keeping up appearances with Jasper, Gisborne and Marian secretly task Robin with tracking down the Sheriff in the forest.

The Sheriff, meanwhile, is getting to grips with nature and embarks on a journey of rediscovery. When he comes across some scheming beggars intent on fleecing Robin, he realises he can get his hands on the Pact at last. Little John is fooled by the Sheriff's brilliant, blind, poor-man act and brings the enemy right into the heart of the camp.

As sunset and oblivion draw closer, and Prince John's army looms on the horizon, Gisborne risks his life standing by Marian as they fight together to save the people of Nottingham. Only Robin can save them now...

Robin Hood is played Jonas Armstrong, The Sheriff of Nottingham by Keith Allen, Sir Guy of Gisborne by Richard Armitage, Marian by Lucy Griffiths, Much by Sam Troughton, Allan A Dale by Joe Armstrong, Will Scarlett by Harry Lloyd and Ceris by Charlie Brooks.

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