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18 July 2009 @ 11:17 pm
Holiday Time!  
Hi f-list! *massive hug for everyone* I missed you so much in those days!

Sorry if I've being MIA for so long but I had loads of boring thing to do! I wanted to post something so badly but I hadn't time at all.
I got up every morning at 6.30 a.m., I closed myself into the library (from my twitter : Erychan86: Stuck in the library... Total silence... Looking around unsure... I'm alone in the room... I'm staring @ the books... Scary! #vashta_nerada LOL) near my university for the whole day and I went home at 6 p.m. (without having lunch cos I have some food intolerances, I can't eat: wheat, eggs, pork, dairy products and olives/olive oil) I ate something fast and I went at my part time. In the evening I was too tired so I died in bed exhausted and the day after all the same routine! And this not because I'm a geek but just because I'm a fool!
I always start to prepare my exams to late and then I find my self in this situations... but I have to say that I love it! I love being under pressure and then succeed (even if somethimes I fail). I feel so full of life and I couldn't be better!

So, as I said this week was quite eternal but now I can say that I'm completely free to have my so desired summer!
If you're here cos you want to know about my crazy week keep reading, if you're here for Doctor Who and music videos skip to point number 6 ;)

1. The University is over finally. I can rest till september \o/! I had my last two exams yesterday morning both about economy, so not exactly my speciality, but they went pretty well 27/30 and 25/30.YAY
The first exam was at 9 o'clock but I arrived an hour earlier and a few colleagues were there waiting in the halway, behind the door, trying to study the last few pages of their books!
The weather was so hot and I ran - without any reason - for being there earlier as I could, so I went to the bathroom to wash my face and talking a little with the mirror as Liz Lemon. When I came out the hallway was empty so I step into the room and the professor was there but the class was empty just as the hallway, he saw me so I couldn't excape so I sit, I still don't know where my colleagues were, a friend of mine joined me with other two people.
So the professor looked at me and then he said: "We're here. Why waiting 40 minutes. Let'st start it now. You, came here" I was totally terrified cos my name was in the middle of the list and not the first. I sit in front of him and the exam started. He keep me 15 minues and after it I looked at my friend who stared at me scared cos he saw me start to speak and draw graph without take a pause!
The professor told me that I have a beautiful mind (he wanted to make a joke cos we were talking about Nash's theories) he asked about what I want to do in my future and other stuff, he was nice, he told me that I'm brilliant! He was really nice and at the end of the day he told me that my mark was the highest of the day so I'm pretty proud of myself!
For the second one I wasn't well prepared. I studied it in a day so I was unsure about a lot of things but it went well too! The bad thing was that I had to wait the whole morning for the second exams, I was the first for the first one and the last for the second!

2. In those days I passed another test, a test for became and international hostess! I'll start in september, I'll follow my classes at university and those at the same time! I know I can do it! And in a year I'll do a stage for a company and if I'm good I'll start to work as hostess! I'm very happy cos is a great oportunuty I know that I can't became rich as hostess but who cares? I can fly and this make me so happy! And I'll improve my english! YAY. I know that I'm always excited about everything but you know me, I'm like this, I love learn new things, it makes me happy! And I hate being always the same!

3. Talking again about university, I met a guy and I possibly had the most short love story in the history. I met him in the library, he was studied economy as me and we became friends, we flirted A LOT and there were a few movies moments but now is over, maybe we'll meet again in the library... maybe in september, we'll see, was fun tho cos I told this at my best friend last night and he was mad cos I always have this kind of romantic/platonic love story and he doesn't. Btw I told him about Torchwood and he wants to see it! YAY, and he'll see Doctor Who too maybe! Let's hope!

4. Yesterday night I played with my cousin's Wii Fit - I rock at Yoga - and I started to watch a movie while I was doing step. I saw The Lake House with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves and I loved it! I'm not a big fan of Sandra, I know that she's gorgeous but there is something in her expression... is... always the same... maybe I'm used to David Tennant that is THE BEST IN THE WORLD when it comes to EVERYTHING expressions. But the movie was so pretty!  And, after Torchwood, I needed an happy ending!

5. Few minutes ago (just before to start this looooong post who none will read cos is boring XD) I started to watch 10 Things I Hate About You. And I liked it! I didn't see the movie but the show is nice, I alredy ship Kat/Patrick and Bianca/Cameron.
I didn't watch anything in those days, I only saw Torchwood and few pieces of Pretty Soldiers Sailor Moon, yes, the live action, but only the pieces with Mamoru/Usagi *______*
So I'll put 10 Things I Hate About You in my list, in those days I'll watch Battlestar Galactica too! I saw only 5 episodes and I loved it! Monday I'll start propperly!

6. I started a new music video Ten/Rose... more Rose!Centric, placed after Doosday I hope to finish it cos I started 5 vids last month and I couldn't end any of them! So frustrating. Thing is that when is about Doctor Who I maybe ask too much to myself cos I want... perfection so I spend all he time watching the monitor and hoping for a new shocking idea for an effect. The song that I find is so bloody amazing! Is perfect to explain Rose's life in Pit's world after Doomsday till her reunion with the Doctor. I really hope to make something great!

So, that's all for now! In the next days I have to post some icons and banners and a picspam!
Read you soon! I have to read loads of posts in my friends page! I'll start tomorrow. It's a promise!

Bye! xoxo
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Eleonora: dw/tenroseeleblack on July 18th, 2009 09:48 pm (UTC)
AWW massive update, yes?
Well I'm so waiting for the DW vid!
You'll see, you'll get the chance to meet "that guy" soon.. and you'll start flirting again! XD In my opnion, flirting is the best part in a relationship LOL

Btw, ROTFL @ the tweet on the Vashta Nerada! Too bad I wasn't home and I missed it, cos I would totally have helped you spread that trending topic! :D
Ery-chan: ten/roseerychan86 on July 18th, 2009 10:34 pm (UTC)
Well I'm so waiting for the DW vid!
I rly hope to finish it soon!

In my opnion, flirting is the best part in a relationship LOL
Flirting and first dates *___*

Btw, ROTFL @ the tweet on the Vashta Nerada! Too bad I wasn't home and I missed it, cos I would totally have helped you spread that trending topic! :D
LOL, we'll try next time :D
Julia (The one with many names): Sailor Moon - MichiRuka: Lovecutebunny43 on July 19th, 2009 04:50 am (UTC)
You're watching Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon? OMGYAYZ! I love that series SO hard, it reminds me of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, just darker, teehee. But all the cheesy fights and stuff still there, yay. But you shouldn't just watch the Mamoru/Usagi parts (even though their relationship there is awesome), the whole series is awesome! ♥
Ery-chan: Eryerychan86 on July 19th, 2009 09:33 am (UTC)
Yep is rly dark as live action! Expecially the end and I love the fact that Usagi/the princes is the one who had destroyed the earth and the moon with her power!
I saw other things, don't worry, not just Mamou/Usagi, I saw Makoto/Motoki (awww adorable) In the firts 6 episode I didn't skip a bit as in the final 3! I left behind the fights part... but not all of them and other little minor moments. But I focused on Usa/Mamo cos I LOVE THEM they're my childwood ship and I can complain only about one thing (but is always the same in the drama/live action) the kisses and the huggs... too fake... and a love story like this deserves MORE!

I love your icon awww so sweet! Here in Italy they have destroyed this ship... they have cut all the parts with 'em as a couple and I rly can't say what did they do with the last episode... they changed everything! I hate italian adaptation for anime... :'(
Mark: got all super canadianmrbartleboom on July 19th, 2009 10:58 am (UTC)
Hai ragione, sapevo praticamente quasi tutto XD tranne i dettagli dell'esame, che ti ha chiamato subito, prima dell'ora in cui sarebbe dovuto iniziare XD

ODDIO! Non vedo l'ora di vedere questo video *________* sarà fighissimo! :P
Ery-chan: Neil Patrick Harriserychan86 on July 19th, 2009 11:02 am (UTC)
Te l'avevo detto che non c'era nulla di nuovo a parte i dettagli dell'esame! Forse tu sai addirittura di più!
Però visto quanto l'ho fatto lungo? Awww è raro che io scriva così tanto! (ad eccezione della fan fic che finalmente ho ripreso in mano!)

Per il video, probabilmente lo vedrai incompleto quando sarai quì! :D così come gli altri milioni! XD