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I saw this in kimmy_dreamer's journal and I just couldn't resist! It's a great meme! I have to say THANK YOU to mrbartleboom who helped me for the casting part... oh mate, maybe someday we'll do that for real *___*
Yeah, I'd better stop dream XD
So, this is the meme, I don't tag anyone but if you want to do it take it and let me know! ;)

This is a mega-meme: it's the union between a PICSPAM and a FANMIX. IT'S YOUR LIFE, BB!</font>

- You have to choose the actors who will play:
~ Yourself alias the main character
~ The true love
~ The "mistake"
~ The rival
~ Mom
~ Dad
~ Sister/brother (or both)
~ The Best Friends
~ The Best gay friend
~ The true love's best friend
~ The pet
~ The city

- And now you have to choose YOUR PERSONAL SOUNDTRACK, of course:
~ Opening credits
~ Falling in love
~ The Kiss
~ Sex
~ The break up
~ The psychological breakdown
~ Shopping with friends
~ The getting back together
~ End Credits

Yourself alias the main character
Claire Danes
Why she? Cos is blond, gorgeous and simple! I love her! Her expression is always so sweet!
I have no doubt I want her to play myself! Oh, she's stunning!

The true love
David Tennant
Any doubt about it? I really have to explain why I chose him. I'll always chose him!
He's the most handsome and fantastic guy in the universe (in time and space) :)

Alexander Skarsgård
Well, we have to call it mistake? David could understand me and forgive me immediatly XD
Btw if I have to do a mistake it would be him!

The rival
Rachel McAdams
Let's be clear, I don't hate her! I like her very much!
She's beautiful and everything but she could be the perfect rival cos she's not gross and she could hide perfectly an evil!face under her sweet smile!

Mom & Dad
Emma Thompson & Craig Ferguson
Those two could be the perfect parents... I dunno if you guys are aware that I LOVE Craig and I'm rly mad if I think that, even this year, he doesn't have an Emmy nomination... his show is the best late show ever! He's so cute and funny and you totally have to see THIS! Isn't he amazing? I'd pay for a father like this (sorry real dad but he is surrounded by famous and gorgeous people... and is so hilarious XD) And Emma... she is so sweet and beautiful, and her accent is fantastic... so Scotish Dad and English Mom! WOW that would be perfect!

Meaghan Jette Martin
Oh isn't she pretty? I can picture her always in trouble with school or boys! <3

Zachary Levi
Not Brother... TWIN! Fortunatly I have David and Alexander... XD

The Best Friends
Alyson Hannigan
It's her smile! Every time I see it I can't help myself but I have to smile too!
Josh Groban
Try to follow him on twitter and you can understand why!

The Best gay friend
Neil Patrick Harris
Again an obvious choice! Go!Neil win an Emmy tonight!

The true love's best friend
John Barrowman
Just because I think that he's his BFF also in real life :)
And I'd love hang out with my true love and his best friend!
Together they have to be just brilliant!

The pet
And his name could be... Oscar... too normal? I'll think about it!

The city
Oh really? XD


~ Opening credits: Dashboard Confessional - Stolen
~ Falling in love: Jim Brickman - Secret Love
~ The Kiss: Elisa - Dancing
~ Sex: Josh Groban - Awake
~ The break up: Adele - Hometown Glory
~ The psychological breakdown: Broken - Lifehuose
~ Shopping with friends The Veronicas - Untouched
~ The getting back together: The Fray - Never Say Never
~ End Credits: Viva La Vida - Coldplay (cover by Lady GaGa)

A few choices were really easy to take and you could point at some pictures and say "I KNEW IT" but other choices..., for example the "dad" LOL I love that man so much (I was thinking about Peter Capaldi too but Craig&Emma <3) , I want to meet him! I found difficult find the perfect soundtrak cos there are so many beautfiul song in my collection!
And that's all for today! :) Good Emmy Night :D
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