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The bag meme!

I saw this MEME at sanzina89 and at epiclullaby and I thought: well, is just a meme, it has to be be quick and, come on, how much stuff could I carry in my bag seriously? Well... apparently more than I thought! :) I really didn't realize that I had so many things in it...
1. Take a picture of your bag;
2. Now dump everything out and neatly adjust them, and take a picture (no matter how embarrassing);
3. Talk about the items inside. Detail;

This is my favourite bag EVER! I bought it in London in september 2008, I'm not a girl who likes buy purses, bags etc. but I fell for this one! I really like it!

And... This is what it can contain in a single trip!

1. Pencil case + notebook + file folder + notes and a brochure: things for university. Nothing interesting! The notebook and the file folder are already full tho, and the brochure is in it just because I have to send a few e-mails to my professors and I keep forgetting to do it!

2. Yep. A chinese restaurant menu! When I stay out all day I just don't have the will to cook for myself so I call them, I take the tube and the resturant is near the place where I leave my car! And the food is truly great! ;)

3. Gloves (Joyful). The kind that leave your fingers free so I can use 'em in class

4. My favourite hat (Top Shop)! I bought it with the bag so it is from London too! ;)

5. Glasses. A pair for when I study (Vogue). I don't have problem, my sight is perfect but I use them when I have to read for several hours, the other pair are sun glasses (Oltre), I don't have to explain when I use them right? :P I bought them last summer, they're purple and pretty!

6. My iPhone! He have a month now! It doesn't have a name yet, I use to name my phones xD any suggestion for this little fellow? I was thinking about Craig (cos now I'm so obsessed by Craig Ferguson as you know... Btw I used to have almost always a book with me but now I have 'em in it!

7. Creative Zen. Full of songs and TvShows ;) I wake up and the first thing I do is put in it what I've "find" online during the night. So I can always watch somthing while I'm in the tube!

8. Little Mirror + hairgrip and Cocoa Butter.

9. Car and Home Keys with an bottle-opener (don't judge me xD), Sailor Moon's head, Hello Kitty and a mini sonic screwdriver!

10. Cosmetics all for eyes! 2 brushes 1 mascara 1 eyeliner and 2 eye-shadow (one dark purple and one fuxia)

11. Wallet, cents tissues and a candy I usually don't have tissues with me but my BFF always need 'em so, after years of: "Do you have a tissue please?" I decided to change my habits! And the candy... well it's no longer in the bag now xD

12. (Not in the picture) My Doctor Who Psychic Paper with documents in it (it was in a pocket inside the bag sorry) and the camera with who I made the pics. I bring it always with me!
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