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No-one's ever going to forget you

This is maybe the first time ever but I agree with Sarah... (oops Sarah Jane, only the Doctor can call her Sarah lolz)! No-one is never going to forget David's Doctor! I know, we're saying this since last year when David announced his decision about leaving Doctor Who, yep! An year ago! 29 October 2008 and it seems like yesterday, but this is still the true, I know that Matt Smith will be great but no-one could fit the Doctor's shoes as David did, and he will be just unforgettable!

I'm not really into Sarah Jane Adventures, we have our issues but we're working on them but I have to admit that I enjoyed those two episodes and I cried as a flippin' kid at the end (and a little in the middle) of the episode! I knew that I missed the Doctor but yesterday I realized how much! And it's quite A LOT! I can't wait for the last specials! The count down is started finally and those two will be two of the longest weeks ever!

So, I decided to make a picspam of the moments that I loved in the episode and there all about the Doctor of course. Enjoy!

Oh please Doctor! Come and stop my wedding in this way too! I totally could imagine the scene. "Sorry honey but he's the Doctor, goodbye" xD
And I'm so happy about this footage cos I could use this clip in a music video Ten/Rose/Alt!Ten cos he sayd "Stop the wedding now", and not just "Sarah, don't" or something like that, awesome!
Lol at the guests who - I'm pretty sure - were thinking "Oh my, Sarah is a cougar and has a boytoy, and a pretty one!"

He's back bitches! All the running and the smiling and the talking! Awww! Luke is in love, the look in his eyes is so fangirl-ish!

Even the Trickster is happy like a baby in front of a Chrismas tree!

The "They're my friends" line was so sad, not because is lame that he have those 3 as friends cos they're pretty brilliant! But he' s so alone right now and I love that you could see his loneliness in his eyes, David is such an amazing actor ♥

Ok! WTF was that? What Gate? Oh Gee! Everyone knows about Ten's destiny excepr for him... poor thing! He used to know everything :( (lol at the last screencap I choosed xD even the back of his head is hot)

LOL at the WTF expression on Sarah and the Kids faces!

And now: LET'S CRY!!! No words! This is so beautiful and tragic at the same time! I DARE each one of you to say that you didn't cry at this point! The "Don't forget me" was hearbreaking, his face so scared... Oh Doctor, you're the cutest pretty little thing in time and space! I just want to hug you.
The shipper that is in me wanted to hear Sarah ask about Rose, or looking for her and Alt!Ten, in the TARDIS but was impossible, I know!</div>

And the TARDIS's doors were closing again, leaving him alone on the inside, ready to save the day one more time and waiting for the end of his song. Oh I'm so tragic.

Well. The episode was just great. And now we just have to wait... two long weeks... for THE ANGST! I have to remember to buy loads of tissues

And a bonus: David Tennant in SJA - Video Diary

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