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Picspam: Doctor Who The Waters of Mars

I did it! I've made a picspam about The Waters of Mars, and if you saw the episode you'd understand why, a picspam about this episode, was so difficult to make... cos IT HURTS! It hurts so bad, I admit - without shame - that I cryed even making this! Just a quick look at the screencaps made me sad!

But I decided to do this anyway cos this was one of the best Doctor Who episode that I ever saw! And, since I've made one for Planet of the Dead I couldn't let it pass away.

So I did it, and I hope you like it.

All begins with a sweet woman in her last fifties who is speaking with her daughter and her nephew about ordinary stuff but, suddently a hot scots brilliant Time Lord steps out of his blue box; he's searching for some troubles fun. He's smiling and he seems happy, [so I'm happy too and I start to cry, yes, the episode was 1h and 2 minutes long and I cryed for 1 hour and 1 minute!]

So, a sort of Wall-E captures him [Gee, if there was Wall-E in this episode now I won't be here to post cos I'd be dead in a sea of tears] and it takes him to its leader.

[My first thought was for Jackie. When it comes to the Doctor and Mars I can't help, I think about Jackie!]

So we meet Adelaide properly and she's not only sweet [maybe she is only with her family since she's pointing a gun at the Doctor's pretty face] she's tough, and mostly she's not an douche bag cos she listens to the Doctor and puts the gun down when he asks her to trust him!

[I loved the entire dialogue:
Adelaide: If we could cut the chat, everyone.
Doctor: Actually, chat's second on my list, the first being gun, pointed at my head. Which then puts my head second and chat third, I think. Gun, head, chat, yeah. I hate lists. But you could hurt someone with that, just...put it down.
Adelaide: Oh, you'd like that.
Doctor: Can you find me someone who wouldn't?

Oh that was so clever!]

Wall-E GadgetGadget introduces to us his master: Roman [Who looks like Benjamin Cook imho], who finds the robots funny and the Doctor says that he hates funny robots... wait a minute? And K9? Doctor, WTH!

In the meanwhile, in the garden, something wrong happens.

[After this scene if my doctor dares to tell me that carrots are good for my eyesight I'll kick his healthy ass!]

And now we descover who are they! And they are pretty impressive, you can tell by the Doctor's face! And you can also say that there is, at least, another problem besides what's happening in the garden by lookin at his face. You could read WTH into his eyes...

So, they're famous as they're all doomed! Wow Doctor, you have to stop to set "random" on the TARDIS controls... But who cares. The Doctor will save the day, right? [Ery is trying not to think about the few spoiler that she have read weeks ago]

After a quick presentation, well, sort of, the Doctor decides to back to the TARDIS!

[... WHAT? Doctor what are you saying? You'll leave them to their awfull destiny? Oh MY GOD Pompeii si coming back to me... Donnaaaaa *cryes*]

The grup find out that there is something wrong in the garden... maybe a beast, and the Doctor says again that he totally have to go now, but Adelaide - as I said before - is not a douche bag, she thinks that the Doctor is hot and she doesn't want him to go responsible of all that mess and she decides to take him with her to find out what's happening. The Doctor is not entusiastic...

[I think that he wants to go cos he can't deal with one more death now. He knows that he can't change that moment so he knows that if he stays there he'll end up loving those umans and his hearts will be broken again, and he just can't permit that...]

So he goes with Adelaide and finally a good word for K9! ;) Roman is less annoying now fortunately. I kinda like his crazy face tho.

The Doctor speaks with Adelaide and now it's to late, he likes her, she's good, she's brilliant, the kind of person that the Doctor would save at any costs. And that's bad cos he'll have to let her go.
They find Maggie, she seems ok and Tarak calls Yuri who takes her to the sickbay.

[Yep. You can start to cry now! I aleady started! The woman with starlights in her soul. isn't that the switest thing to say to her?]

They arrive. And the garden is dark and it seems empty except for some birds. They talk bout Chrismas and I feel shivers all over my back!

The Doctor and Adelaide hear Tarak scream, they find Andy too and he doesn't seem so fine. Damn carrots. And, because of Andy, Tarak joins the dark side.

In the sickbay Yuri si watching a video about his brother and Maggie - that now is awake - asks him some questions about his homeland and about.. the Earth... when her voice and her face change, Yuri call Adelaide. Now three of them are monsters.
Adelaide and the Doctor run and they have just a few minutes to talk cos ok, the water is patient, but not so much! And the Doctor says to Adelaide again that he can't stay, he have to go, and now it's more difficult con he likes Adelaide and the others, he's involved and he's curious too!

He has an idea and he needs Adelaide to trust him. [The "trust me" segment! I always love it!]

[This scene reminded me of Donna in The Runaway Bride. Oh I miss Donna and I miss the Doctor's smile :'(]

[LOLz, Ten, Adelaide is more fit than you are xD]

The Doctor and his companion (now that she trusts him for me she is a companion) joins Ed, Yuri and Maggie, well, the alien inside of her, and she wants the Earth! Not today Meg, not today.

[Pic number 5, pic number 5 PIC NUMBER 5 OMG *dies* Isn't he handsome? Oh David you're so pretty in so many leves *dies again*]

OMG so tragic. Adelaide doesn't want to give up! Oh I'm loving her so much!

[Pic number 3, pic number 3, PIC NUMB... *to late, Ery dies*]

Now it's time for some explenations, why the Doctor wants to go so badly? He's not a coward. He tryes to explait to her why he can't save them. That moment is fixed in time. Please Doctor save her! Take her away in another planer or in another time, save her and

Doctor: I think something wonderful happens. Something that started 50 years ago, isn't that right?
Adelaide: I've never told anyone that.
Doctor: You told your daughter. And maybe, one day, she tells the story to her daughter. The day the Earth was stolen and moved across the universe. And you...
Adelaide: I saw the Daleks.

Oooooooh! I looooove this scene! She was there, she was on Earth and a child when Rose came back froma nother universe / Donna forgot eveything about his life with the Doctor / When the Doctor was left alone the Daleks tryed to destroy everything and... of them spared her life. The Doctor is surprised [as everyone else]

Adelaide: It simply went away. I knew, that night, I knew I would follow it.
Doctor: But not for revenge.
Adelaide: What would be the point of that?
Doctor: That's what makes you remarkable. And that's how you create history.

[Oh Gee Adelaide you made me cry and I have no more tissues! Please Doctor save her, take her away form there, choose another planet or another time, she doesn't have to die, you can just save them all, take them to anoter planet pleaseeeeeee!]

Oh she's good! She wants him to save himself, she'll take the responsibility for her people! You can see the Doctor falling apart, he can't save anyone. He have to go and it's time. He's so broken.

[Ery hugs the monitor]

The Doctor turns his back.

[This scene broked my heart in so many pieces... One of the most touching moment I've ever saw on this show, even worst than Pompeii.]

The Doctor is going to the TARDIS but Adelaide stops him. She needs some answers and finally he replyes.

Doctor: Today, on the 21st November 2059, Captain Brooke activates that device, taking the base and all her crew members with her. No-one ever knows why. But you were saving Earth. That's what inspires your granddaughter. She takes your people out into the galaxy, because you die, on Mars. You die, today. She flies out there... Like she's trying to meet you. But your death creates the future.
Adelaide: Why won't you help, Doctor? If you know all of this, why can't you change it?
Doctor: I can't.Why can't you find a way? You could tell me, I don't know... I'm sorry, but I can't. Sometimes I can, sometimes I do, most times I can save someone, or anyone. But not you.
You wondered all your life why that Dalek spared you. I think it knew. Your death is fixed, in time, for ever. And that's right.
Adelaide: You'll die here too.
Doctor: No.
Adelaide: What's gonna save you?
Doctor: Captain Adelaide Brooke.
Adelaide: Damn you.

[I just don't understand the Dalek part.. I mean, if it knows that Adelaide would die in other circumstances he knew even that the Daleks would fail... right? I know that it "felt" it but... how?]

Adelaide leaves him and goes to try to save her people, but the water has lost its patience and she's taking away all those wonderful humans one by one. Steffi dies watching her family on the video, a drop hits Roman's face, just one drop and he's gone and Ed dies in the rockes, spending his last words for Adelaide telling her - between the lines - that he loved her but she never gave him a chance [thanks Russel, there wasn't enough drama here add an impossible love, thanks dude!] and the Doctor hears them die, one by one, he hears them cry and he can't look back, he can't save them. The rocket explodes so their last chance is gone.

[Every time he closed his eyes my heart skipped a bit.]

He's in the fire. He failed, he's leaving them, those amazing people, and something change, something inside of him broke. He can't watch them die. He says no more.

And now is just perfection and I don't fell like comment anymore, I'd say only how amazing is David in this role and how well written is this scene. There is nothing I could say. He thinks he knows who will knock 4 times OMG!

Oh he's so broken, he's so scared, he's so tired to loosing everyone who matters to him... his eyes... OMG HIS EYES

Gotta love this scene, the Doctor is fighting against Adelaide in order to save her but she's so amazing that she wants to save the future and she is ready to die. She's awesome!

Look at the Doctor OMG he's so crazy!

[Can I say that I loje Yuri? His accent is funny and I like his smile, good choice Mia!]

He saved them! And he wants to hear them say "thank you"... Wow... that's... unusual... He's different...

Another amazing scene! The Doctor is changed, well, he's changing, well he wants to change cos he can't handle his loneliness and his desperation anymore, he can't watch other uman or not die and he thinks that he can change that maybe he could even go back to the Time War and change it, he can save someone or everyone, he can go back when Donna was his companion and throw away his hand in the jar, stops the Human-Time Lord Meta-Crisis so that Donna would be able to remember and Rose could stay with him forever, he could do everything! He's a God. Nothing and no-one could stop him now.

But Adelaide has a weapon, and it's not her gun. It's her free will. So, she kills herself, now she could preserve the future and maybe change the Doctor again.

And that's the beginning of the end. The Doctor seems so scared and repentant of his actions. He sees an Ood and that means only one thing... his time is coming. He steps into the TARDIS and....

... he says NO. He decides to run, he doesn't want to die, he's the Time Lord Victorious and nothing is going to stop him.

Now I think that he'll do something crazy in the next special. Like: "Ok, I'm dying but I'll go at my conditions" I'm pretty sure that he'll try to change something. Oh, it will be a very good "season finale" if we an call it like that!

So, that's it. I didn't post any pics about the promo cos I didn't want to anticipate anything, there are people out there that didn't know who will join the Doctor in his last adventure, and I admit that I envy them cos a surprise (well, more than one) like that it's able to blow your mind ;)

I'm sorry about the typo and other errors but I just can't read it all again, it's to painful! I hope you liked the episode (and my picspam) and I'd love to read your impressions! So, if you want leave a comment, even about speculations about the last 2 episodes.

P.S. If you like the little bannere here a Wallpaper 1680x1050 let me know if you want it in other dimensions ;)
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