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Running around like a crazy squirrel

Today I woke up early because I had to go to my training course. I know that my professor hates when someone is late and I think that - since he had to judge me at the end of those 40/50 hours and find me someplace where I could do my stage - I had to be perfect, or at least I have to try to do my best (DollHouse anyone? xD) So, I set up my alarm clock at 7.15 a.m. while the class started at 9.30 I had all the time in the world right?


I had to run.


I had my usual 'sliding doors' moment in front of the tube's doors, but I arrived in time. I'm making a lot of running around in those days... maybe I should consider it as a sport... so when someone ask me "Do you do any sport?" I could answer "I run like a nuts cos I dunno how I'm always late" [in those days cos actually I'm not that kind of person. And that's because it's weird. I hate when people arrive late] instead "I scratch my belly when I have time (and it's not so often)"

The lesson was great. The best so far. I think I really learnt something today and I'm glad! So YAY!

After that I took my French class, I have to say I'm becaming pretty good in it. I can't wait to start German actually. A few days ago I was thinking to change German to Spanish cos it's easier - since it sounds like Italian - but, you know I don't like simple things, simple things are boring. I know that German is tough but I think it will worth the effort.

Than was lunch time. I took a Tacos ♥ with Francesca and Erik, two friends from the training course, and I met Nicoletta after I dunno how many years. Maybe since high school, the funny thing is that I was talking with her on facebook yesterday about New Years Eve and stuff and today *tah dah* so weird!

This afternoon I suppose to had lesson at university but it was raining... LOL, I skipped class cos the professor/lawyer/whatever doesn't do anything except for make me waste 6 hours of my already busy life per week. She sits and read... dah, I'm capable of it too, Lady. You deserve a big MEH! So I decided to go to the tyre dude (I dunno what's his job propper name and I don't care and I think that tyre dude is kinda nice as name xD) to change my darn tyre and I waited an hour in that officine... was so cold and I was so bored I didn't have any good book with me since I finished 'American on Purpose' by Craig Ferguson (Oh my... the best autobiography EVAH) and the complete bibliography of Neil Gaiman. On my iPhone has left only the Host by Stephanie Meyer (that, imho, is even worst than the Twilight Saga) and other Vampires Books but I wasn't in the mood.

And finally: HOME! Glee was waiting for me! And... WOW. That was amazing. I mean I didn't like the songs so much but the story was *KABOOM*! Now it's becaming rly interesting... That's all for today... No, wait... One more thing:

This video is like a drug for me! I'm going crazy in here, really, and I'm listening this song over and over again in those days and that is a little bit emarassing! I have to share it, cos I'm evil :D

LOL, welcome to my world.
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