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Picspam: Top 7 Best Will/Emma (Glee) Moments

Yesterday, while I was making my video (Will/Emma - What did she say) I realized that these two are having loads of cute scenes together! I didn't realize it since yesterday when I was going a little bit crazy cos I had too much material for a such short video. That's weird cos I'm always complaining that I want more Will/Emma action lolz! So, today I decided to make...well... Let's call it a little experiment.
I've made a lot of picspam and there are almost all about ships towards a season of their show. I've always wanted to try to do a "Top 10 moments" or something like that so today I tried with this couple.

.001 (1x02 - Showmance)

Will: I want to try...a little experiment.
Emma: Oh, no. No, I'm not really, um, comfortable with, with... that.
Will: There. Ten seconds.
Emma: New record. It's late. I should, um... I should be, um... going.

.002 (1x08 - Mash Up)

Emma: It fits okay?
Will: Yeah. Fits great.
Emma: Terrific.
Will: Yeah. Terrific. Uh, so, should we see if you can dance in it?

.003 (1x06 - Vitamin D)

Emma: Will? I wanted you to, um, to hear this from me. You know ken, um, asked me to marry him. I said yes.
Will: That's... That's great.

.004 (1x08 - Mash Up)

Will: Hey. I wanted to talk to you about your wedding mash-up. I've been working really hard on it and... I just can't get those two songs to go together.
Emma: Yeah, that's because they don't. We both know that. They're both good songs, though.
Will: Great ones.

.005 (1x02 - Showmance)

Will: Hey, Emma. Guess what? I found these new disinfecting bleach wipes. What do you say? Boys bathroom in the science wing? 9:00?
Emma: Will, what are we doing? I mean, you're having a baby. Um, and anyway, uh... I have a date.
Will: Oh, that's great.
Emma: Yeah.
Will: Yeah, but, with who?
Emma: I'm going to go to Tulip-A-Looza. With Ken.

.006 (1x12 - Mattress)

Will: I-I kind of think Ken scheduled your wedding The same day on purpose. You know, So... So you couldn't go.
Emma: Why would he do that?
Will: Come on. We both know how he feels about our... Relationship.
Emma: I'm marrying Ken, will.

.007 (1x01 - Pilot)

Emma: Need help grading those papers?
Will: It's actually an application for H.W. Menken. They're hiring. Come on. Accounting is sexy. I'll miss you.
Emma: Before you leave, can you do me a favor?
Will: Yeah.
Emma: I made an appointment for you tomorrow in the career center. You need some guidance.
Will: I'm having a kid, Emma. What I need is better benefits.
Emma: Just come, Will, for me.

I stopped at number seven because there were too many amazing scenes between those two and I didn't know what I liked the most!
So. What do you think? Did you have other scenes in your mind or a different order?

I just want to add something. I want to do soon as I can another video about Will and Emma. If you have any ideas let me know :)
Tags: !picspam, people: jayma mays, people: matthew morrison, ship: will/emma, tv show: glee
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