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It happened in a cold afternoon

You know when you don't want to see a certain person and you make up some lame excuse to not see him/her like "I can't tonight, I have some weird disease and now my nose is green" and then you find he/she in front of you and your lies fall down like a card castle cos your nose is not actually green?

Well, then you know how I feel right now!

Yesterday night was snowing and I was all "OMFGWTH I have to go to school tomorrow morning DAMN I can't miss that class but AWWW is snowing, that's so cute, it's all white awww" well you know, double personality as always, but, one part of me was happy cos the night after, well, tonight, I was supposed to go out with this ex boyfriend/friend but I didn't want to go out with him cos... It's still weird and I didn't want to see him cos I'm not in the mood.

So, this morning I texted him saying that I couldn't go out with him. I told him that I couldn't drive because of the snow and the ice on the streets and he was ok with that...

Later my father asked me to go with him to buy a brand new TV for my mother as Chrismas present and he needed me cos he doesn't undestrand anything about TV or stuff like that... So I decided to help him - thank you Chrismas's Spirit - but I told him that we couldn't go to the X store cos this guy works there. My father was ok with that: my car, my knowledge about electronic devices so my decisions.

We went to this huge store and we took the present (that is awesome btw) and then we went to buy something to eat for dinner. Well, we were about to pay when my phone rang. I look at it and it was HIM, bloody hell. I looked at the monitor thinking about what to do. I want to end the call when I saw him, waving in front of me. I died inside. DAMN!

I went to speack with him and... I LIE, I made up this more weird explanation about being there and he... BELIEVED me! WOW. i dunno if he's stupid or I'm a good liar... well maybe the first one cos I suck when it comes to lie. :)

I know I'm bad even if it's Chrismas Time :( well' I'll make up finishing this new Chrismas video about Bradley James and maybe another Christmas vid about David Tennant cos he's DAVID BLOODY TENNANT and I have to celebrate him as much as I can! :D

Have a great night


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