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It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life... for me... and I'm feeling GOOD

It's late and I'm not tired at all! I had a fantastic day so I'm happy and I don't want it to comes to an end! Well... actually it ended almost 2 hours ago, time for a brand new day here but in other parts of the world is still my happy day!

Don't worry, I'm not making a post just to say that I'm happy - by the way without any good reason... aren't they the best days?  :D - but I've made a few changes on my LJ. And since I haven't post in a while I thought that this one would have been a good excuse!

1) I added 2 new headers:

- The last one with David was too dark so I decided to change it even if I loved the photo, but I absolutely ADORE this one. I think that it may be the most gorgeous photo of David out there! I also really like the one in the same photoshoot with him looking down sadly, I've made an header with that one too but I decided to go with this one ;)
- Denise/Drew... Oh Denise/Drew. You guys are the reason why I'm still watching Scrubs without JD! They're amazing! Denise may be my favourite character ever on the show and Drew... oh I love his voice and his smile! I made some icons I'll post them soon promise! Maybe is time for a picspam too, the first of 2010 wow!

2) I changed a little bit my sidebar too. Now there is this cute blue bird and some links ;) And I have a new icon! :)

That's all! Good night peeps. There is a book who's waiting for me. See ya soon ;)
Tags: fanart: headers, fanart: icons, people: david tennant, ship: drew/denise, tv show: scrubs
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