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Ery is thankful for...

... Dean Cain's chest back in 1993
Not that I have something against it now...

Yep. I'm watching Lois & Clark: the new adventures of Superman in these days. I used to watch it when I was a kid but I wasn't a fangirl yet and I wasn't interest in abs at all... I was so young an stupid xD
Actually I've never been a fan of big and perfect bodies but Dean Cain is also so pretty with those hair and his glasses... Ok... is the chest, I'm vain! Come on look at him, can you balme me:
(Well, he's actually cute, such a pretty smile and I love his hair)

I remember that I use to watch the show for Lois and Clark's relationship not for Superman or the case of the week - maybe they were my first days as a shipper - but now I'm watching it with "new eyes" they have such a chemistry and when they kiss: O-M-G!

So that's all. I just wanted to share this thought.

Uh... I forgot. I updated my Scrapbook and yesterday I opened photoshot cos I wanted to make a new header for a new layout and this was the results: Click but I'm not so sure about it cos I can't do the same thing for other couples, I don't know... I have to thing about it... and it's orange so I should change almost everything... I really don't know...
And another thing: yesterday I've reached 400 followers on Youtube so THANK YOU GUYS I'M SO GLAD! I hope to post a new video soon as I can! Thank you really much! *massive hug*

Quote of the week: I don't know how I feel about you. There is no one way. I feel so many things. And all at once. Happy. I'm kind of scared too. Excited. Calm. Lost. Found. I feel safe in a way that I've never known... but in danger too. This thing between us, whatever it is... it's stronger than me. Being with you is stronger than me alone. That's new to me.
[Clark Kent 3x02 - Ordinary People (Lois and Clark)]
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